Host of the Toronto Raptors Will Change in Nashville Next Season?

The NBA starts on December 22nd and every team in the league must prepare to start next season with the best. But now it is reported that Nashville could host the Toronto Raptors next season.

One of the teams that will face many challenges is the Toronto Raptors, it is because they usually play in Canada.

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This season, however, things could change for them as the country’s travel ban prompts them to look for alternative arenas to play matches to host them.

It’s been reported that cities like Louisville, Brooklyn and even Kansas City could host the Raptors next season, but now a dark horse is emerging.

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Nashville is reportedly one of the cities that can receive the Raptors during this season, according to Adam Vingan from The Athletic.

That picture doesn’t look good for the Raptors right now and it’s unlikely things will change for them in December.

“Nashville is one of those cities that is considered the temporary home of the NBA Toronto Raptors, according to a source with knowledge of the team’s plans.

“Raptors officials visited Nashville earlier this week, said the source. Bridgestone Arena, home to NHL Predators, regularly hosts SEC men’s basketball tournaments.

Toronto is looking for an option right now and this looks good. They have another alternative and the final say on this matter.

It remains to be seen what they will do before the 2020/21 NBA season begins. How good would the Raptors be in Louisville, Brooklyn or Kansas City spinners?