How to Change Moonton’s Email Account that is Already Linked to MLBB 2021

Your Mobile Legends (ML) account is very important keep from hackers who try to hack and steal your account. There have been many cases where players have lost their ML accounts because they were not linked (bind) to their Moonton account or other social media.

However, linking your MLBB account with a Moonton account is not without risk. There are some players who forget their email password, or their email is no longer active, so they have difficulty logging in when they haven’t played Mobile Legends (ML) for a long time.

This is made worse when the player turns on secondary verification. When you want to log in, players must enter the verification code sent to the email registered to their Moonton account. Many players have difficulty logging in because of this. Even though this feature is made to prevent players from being hacked but it can also make negligent players unable to log into their own accounts.

For those of you who forgot your email password that was used for binding the Moonton account:

After you get a new password in your email that is rarely used. SPIN Esports recommends you to change Moonton account email you with an email that you use every day so that your Mobile Legends account can always be safe.

How to Change Moonton Account Email

  1. Tap Profile above the left of your MLBB homepage
  2. Tap Account settings
  3. Tap Account Center
    how to change moonton account email
  4. Tap Change Moonton Account Mail Address
  5. There will be a dialogue explaining that verification link will be sent to the Moonton account email that is currently used
  6. Tap Send the E-mail now
  7. Open your email sent from Moonton and click the link Change Email

  8. Enter your new email
  9. Tap Send Verification Code
  10. Enter the verification code sent to your new email
  11. Tap Confirmation
  12. For verification, please re-open your Mobile Legends (ML) application and check if your Moonton account email has been changed

For those of you who don’t understand the instructions above, you can watch the video below:

So for those of you who want to change your Moonton account email that was tied to your Mobile Legends account, you can use the methods above.

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