How to Copy ID Free Fire (FF) Easily

Giving an ID is indeed a bit of a hassle in Free Fire. The reason is that this long number is difficult to memorize. But there is a way to copy the Free Fire ID (FF) that can help you. Can be more effective to do!

The Free Fire ID is quite long because it consists of many numbers which of course will be troublesome to memorize. With this ID copy feature, it can be faster. Either from buying diamond top ups to adding friends.

Actually there are still many advantages to copying and knowing your ID. For example, being proof of ownership. If your ID is hacked, if you have evidence in the form of a screenshot or your ID then returning can be smoother.

So that’s why it’s important for those of you who really want to be more relaxed about playing. By knowing how to copy your ID, there are no more hassles. Especially if you often top up outside.

Here, let’s talk about how to copy the Free Fire (FF) ID which might help you. You have to understand so that later you don’t get confused if you really need your ID.

How to Copy ID Free Fire (FF) Easily

This feature is actually very important and has been in Free Fire for a long time. But unfortunately many Free Fire players still don’t know this. Typing manually is not good, because besides being long, it can be a typo.

Now this method is relatively effective and doesn’t make the players complicated. So for those of you who want to use this feature, understand below. Who knows, it will be useful if you top up or really need it.

How to Copy the ID FF

The way to copy your FF ID is quite easy. It only takes one button to do it. With this feature, you won’t have any more hassles when playing Free Fire later.

For those who are curious about how to copy your Free Fire (FF) ID, you can see the method below:

  1. First of all, login as usual to Free Fire, you must first enter the FF game.
  2. Then press and access your profile, you can do this by pressing the nameplate in the upper left corner of your screen when on the main menu.
  3. Later you will enter your profile and there is your name and ID that you can copy.
  4. To copy it you can press the copy or copy button in the form of paper beside your ID.
  5. When you press the copy button, your ID will automatically be copied and can be pasted anywhere.

That’s the easy way to copy ID Free Fire (FF) and you can do it on FF. It’s not a hassle, because you only need to press one button. You must memorize this feature and continue to use it so you don’t have to bother.

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