How to get free Border Blazing West avatar Mobile Legends (ML)

As we know, Moonton is currently aggressively presenting various events in the Mobile Legends game. One of the events present at this event is Blazing West, you will get various items such as skins, heroes, battle emotes and also Avatar Border Blazing West for free.

Blazing West mobile legends is an event which is the debut of one of the newest skin series in Mobile Legends. This skin series is the same as the Zodiac or KoF skin series, which include the skin heroes Claude, Clint, Layla, Aldous, Franco and Esmeralda. In the future there may be other hero skins and of course it will be very interesting to wait for.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a way to get Avatar Border Blazing West for free in the Mobile Legends game. This of course can be useful for those of you who are seekers of free events in Mobile Legends.

How to get free Border Blazing West avatar Mobile Legends

How to get free Border Blazing West avatar Mobile Legends (ML)

The Blazing West event presents one of the Exclusive Border Avatars that can add coolness to your profile in Mobile Legends. The Border Avatar has a unique engraving with a combination of a piston and a cowboy hat that seems to belong to the hero Clint. At the edges there is a wood carving like a Bounty border that you can find in cowboy films.

What’s interesting is this Border Blazing West Avatar is given for free in a very easy way. To get the Border Blazing West Avatar in Mobile Legends, you can log in on December 5, 2020.

Yes, by just logging in, you can get Avatar Border Blazing West for free. Noted, at the same event, Moonton will also provide free battle emotes, Mathilda heroes for free, and Vale skins for free. So, don’t miss to log in in early December 2020 to get this very cool Border Blazing West Avatar.

You need to know, the Blazing West Event itself started on November 14, 2020 yesterday, which will last a month until December 12, 2020. There are 5 Blazing West skins that are sold by Moonton with a gap of at least one skin each for a week. So, to enliven the Blazing West skin, Moonton gave various free gifts such as this Border Blazing West Avatar.

It’s quite interesting to wait for what surprises Moonton will give in the upcoming updates. After the Blazing West Selesia event, we will have a special Christmas event waiting for us at the end of December 2020.

So that’s the only review this time to get the free Avatar Border Blazing West in the Mobile Legends game. You can of course get the items above to add to your Border Avatar collection in Mobile Legends. Hopefully useful and see you!