How to get the Thunder Token in Mobile Legends (ML)

For those of you who are eyeing one of the best in Mobile Legends, you must definitely collect Thunder Token tokens. It’s actually quite easy to get the Thunder Token in Mobile Legends. Wow, because you have to get a lot of Thunder Tokens in Mobile Legends (ML) for the opportunity to roll.

You can get lots of prizes in this event. Starting from basic items, borders, to the main prize of the best Chou mobile legends skin in the game. The ways to get these tokens vary. Most of all, you do roll or gacha. But there are other ways that are arguably easier and cheaper.

The event that was held by Mobile Legends benefited at least some people. Considering that many players have almost paid millions of rupiah for just one skin, of course many people think this event is like a scam. But these tokens can help you get some items in it.

Here, let’s discuss how to get the Thunder Token in Mobile Legends (ML). The Rolling Thunder event offers many attractive prizes. With Chou’s skin as the main prize, which is definitely eagerly awaited, you really have to follow it even though you didn’t top up in this event.

How to get the Thunder Token in Mobile Legends

You can collect this Thunder Token in Mobile Legends by completing several available missions. With so many tokens that you can take, you can exchange them for many other prizes. You must get it in this one event.

There are many missions in how to get the Thunder Token in Mobile Legends (ML), such as:

  1. Login
  2. Play party with friends
  3. Top up 50/100 diamond for Thunder Token Mobile Legends (ML)
  4. Use 50/200/500 diamonds in Rolling Thunder event

By completing the missions above you have the opportunity to get dozens of free tokens. It’s easy to remember you don’t have much to do. For players who plan to top up, of course it will be very profitable for them here.

Even if you don’t plan to top up, you can still get a free one here. So, you can exchange it and use it in the current Rolling Thunder Mobile Legends event. Mandatory and don’t let you miss these Thunder Token Mobile Legends (ML) missions.

Thunder ML Prize!

Regarding the many prizes in the Thunder Mobile Legends (ML) event that you can get. Some of the prizes are;

  1. Fragment
  2. Rolling Thunder Statue
  3. BP 2x
  4. Emote Sticker
  5. Limited Border
  6. Recall and other effects
  7. skin Chou Rolling Thunder

That’s how to get the Thunder Token in Mobile Legends that you must understand. Don’t you miss this event because it won’t necessarily come back in the near future. If you miss it, you can regret it later. Also follow our social media on Instagram.