How to Overcome Cheat Lag in Mobile Legends, Guaranteed Effective ML!

Cheat Lag Mobile Legends is a very annoying cheat because it has a huge impact on gameplay. When there are players who use the Lag Mobile Legends cheat, there will definitely be a frame drop and you can’t move at all. You have to use the following method to overcome the Mobile Legends (ML) Cheat Lag!

But there is also cheat lag which only makes your network unstable. This is one of the most dangerous cheats in Mobile Legends because it can harm other Mobile Legends players. To overcome Cheat Lag we will discuss it here so that you can understand it.

In playing Mobile Legend, having a network is very important. However, sometimes there are those who take advantage of this to win the game. There are many ways you can do to prevent this lag when you play Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, we will provide an explanation of how to deal with Cheat Lag in Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know how to deal with Cheats that cause lag in Mobile Legends.

Let’s just look at the explanation on how to deal with the complete ML lag cheat below properly and correctly!

How to Overcome Cheat Lag Mobile Legends (ML)

Using a Fast Network or Wifi

Using a fast and stable network can overcome cheats that cause lag in Mobile Legends. Apart from that, you can also use Wifi because indeed the network latency when using wifi makes ping in the game quite small and tends to be stable.

That way you can handle the Lag Mobile Legends cheat properly. But take it easy because Moonton has now implemented a good cheat protection system in the Mobile Legends game so that players don’t have to worry anymore if there are cheaters.


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Using Low or Medium Chart Sets

Sometimes the Mobile Legends lag cheat causes a frame drop to occur in Mobile Legends. This can make you unable to move at all. When something like this happens, it will be very frustrating. However, you can overcome this by lowering the Mobile Legends graphics to low or medium graphic settings so that the frame drop effect disappears.

How to Overcome Cheat Lag in Mobile Legends by Turning On and Off Cellular Data

In addition, you can also use the on off method for your cellular data when you experience lag in Mobile Legends. This method is a way to overcome cheat lag in Mobile Legend which is quite simple and has been done by many Mobile Legend players.

Activating the Mobile Legends Speed ​​Up Connection Feature

By activating the Koneski Mobile Legends speed up feature, you can also use this to overcome the Mobile Legends cheat lag. With this feature active, it will make your ping in the Mobile Legends game more stable.

Report Cheater to Moonton

After the gameplay is complete, there is the last thing you have to do, namely report cheaters on Mobile Legends lag to Moonton. You include a statement that the player uses a cheat that can create network lag in gameplay.

That way when your report is on Acc by Moonton Player who uses the cheat, you will get a penalty, both being banned for a certain period of time or permanently banned.

As we know, this cheat lag is one of the most annoying cheats among other cheats. This keeps you from moving at all and breaking during the game. Therefore, you must know this so that later there are no cheaters who frustrate you when playing mobile legends.

Now that’s a complete explanation of how to overcome the Mobile Legends cheat lag. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Apply the method above when you meet a player who uses cheat lag in Mobile Legends!

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