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Now see How to Overcome Season 19 Screen Reset Bug in Mobile Legends. The newest season has arrived. At the change of seasons on Mobile Legend you will get various skins as prizes. But when you want to claim the season 18 prize, there is a bug screen that makes it unable to enter the Mobile Legends game. On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a way to solve the screen bug at the turn of season 18 to 19 in the Mobile Legends game that happened right today.

The change from Season 18 to Season 19 takes a place today (19/12). But unfortunately, during the changing of the season there was a bug screen problem which made it unable to run properly.

The mobile legends stuck display on the Season 18 logo which appears quite large and can’t be tapped even though and loading mobile legends continues.

Before saying this. The problem that occurs is on the screen above and the player can’t click anything other than to force it out. Of course this does not allow players to play and cannot even do anything, even though they only need to tap or click.

We asked several Mobile Legends gamers who experienced the same thing. To fix this, it is enough to simply relog or clear the cache.

I myself even did a data reset so that this one bug can be resolved. So before doing anything fatal, you should do the following in order to fix it.

Here’s How to Overcome the Mobile Legends Reset Season 19 ML Screen Bug:

Do a Relog In

A fairly easy and fast way, you only need to relog it when you can’t enter mobile legends. Just force close the Mobile Legends game and go back into the Mobile Legends game.

For some players this method is powerful enough to overcome this bug. However, some players may still not be resolved and you can take the next step.

Ensure Latest Updates

Second, you have to make sure that your Mobile Legends game is the latest update on the Google Play Store. If not, please download the latest update and then clear the cache again. And open your Mobile Legends game.

Clear Cache

The next way is if relog can’t solve the bug. Next, you only need to clear the cache, this method can be the second option because it will be quite easy and easy. You don’t need to download data this way. However, if it is still not resolved. You are forced to clear your Mobile Legends game data.

Clear Data

This method allows you to download the Mobile Legends game again from the beginning. You have to prepare a lot of quota because the data downloaded can be up to 2GB or more. This method is sure to be effective in overcoming the screen bug and you can claim the Season skin and play again.

Remove and Reinstall

The last way, if deleting data is still not effective, you can delete and install the Mobile Legends game again. This method is the last step if the four methods above still can’t solve the screen bug problem.

That’s it for how to solve screen bug problems on resetting or changing Season 18 to Season 19 in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully using the method above can be especially useful for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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