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Mobile Legends always displays very interesting updates, be it in terms of hero updates, adding new skins, or in terms of gameplay by changing the game meta from time to time. For now, the Hypercarry meta game is the most widely used meta game by Mobile Legends players throughout Indonesia. But how long will the meta game last?

Before the appearance of the Hypercarry meta game, we were amazed by the style of playing / meta game Objective pioneered by one of the big teams of Mobile Legends Indonesia, namely Evos eSports. The result is all the titles that exist and they participated in the competition in 2019 and then they have won all of them.

The style of play that is more focused on destroying the turret rather than doing war is not clear, making Evos win the highest Mobile Legends event in the world, namely the M1 World Championship 2019 some time ago.


But after all this time the game meta finally just disappeared along with the major update changes Moonton implemented for the Mobile Legends game. Moonton has completely changed the heroes that Evos uses to play Objectives which will have an impact on all Mobile Legends players who want to play these objectives so that they are not maximal.

Then for now, the Hypercarry meta game itself appears in the Mobile Legends scene, this appears when the red buff is updated by Moonton which makes a hero experience a high enough increase in damage. Actually this Hypercarry meta does not only use the red buff, but also takes the blue buff as long as no team hero needs the blue buff.

One hero will get two buffs, which means his level will increase faster than his partner or opponent. The impact of this high level of course makes the team fight won quickly because the damage that the hero generates is very high, even the opponent’s tank sometimes has difficulty fighting him.

How to Stop Meta Hypercarry

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But this Hypercarry meta can be stopped, there are several ways to stop this aggressive playing style. According to Mobile Legends players who comment on our posts from Instagram on average say that to stop the Hypercarry meta is a split push strategy, or always avoid team fights.


If you think about it logically, this is true in fact, considering the heroes used to implement the split push strategy usually use support heroes who cannot guard the lane alone. There are even several support heroes who must accompany the key heroes to play Hypercarry. Which means that the split push strategy we think is very effective for counter Hypercarry strategy.

Meanwhile, the heroes commonly used for meta Hypercarry are all marksman heroes, then assassin heroes like Ling, Lancelot, Helcurt, and others. How do you respond spinners? Don’t forget to keep visiting website us, to get the latest eSports news!