How to Use the FF Quick Reload Free Fire Feature

You have to know how to use the Quick Reload Free Fire feature, which is one of the things that is quite interesting. Of course that way you are sure, won’t be able to miss it. Because indeed, from the features that are presented right now, everything is good too for you to try to feel right now.

Moreover, there are still many new things in this game right now, all of which can be something that we should not miss. Because the leak from the OB24 Free Fire Full Patch yesterday alone, it was enough to attract the attention of players to feel other excitement too. But what we need to see is this too, maybe it will help you to compete later too.

Maybe the features that were presented in this game were not in the patch yesterday. But you can try this, so that later it can be useful when used in competitions. Curious? let’s just look at the explanation, in the article below.

How to Use the Free Fire Quick Reload Feature

Reloading is the process of refilling the bullets when they are finished or the bullets run out. If for example we do this Reload, of course we need a bullet. If you don’t have that, of course we won’t be able to reload either. If we don’t reload fast, you guys might lose sooner.

So for now there is one feature, where we can be faster in reloading later. So we can say that the feature that is present right now is the Quick Reload feature, so you reload bullets faster than reloading normally. You can activate this feature, so that you can improve your performance when you compete later too.

But those of you who don’t understand either, my Esports will give you this method. Because every type of weapon is Free Fire now, so it’s necessary to reload. Are you curious about this feature? see directly below right now.

1. Open the Free Fire Game Settings

The first thing you need to do is make Settings for this Free Fire game, to open it in the upper right corner. To be precise, the logo icon from the Settings Menu also looks like a white Gear.

2. Open the Controls Section

When you enter this Settings Menu, you can just select the next Control section. In this section there are lots of sections, which will help you in competing against enemies in this Free Fire game too.

3. Select Quick Reload Weapon

You have to see in detail what is presented in that section, because one of them is important for us to choose. Then you look for the name “Quick Reload”, you just set it to on and automatically this feature is activated immediately and can be tried immediately.

In addition, you can also find out How to Adjust Free Fire Game Graphics, so that later when playing, you don’t lag at all. Things like this are very good, to make you more comfortable playing the Free Fire game too.

To make it easier to win in this match, you can’t do the Worst Thing for Free Fire Player now. Because of all these things, it will speed up your losing later.

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That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.