Huge Comeback by Team Guardian Force

“What you sow, that is what you will reap” said one of the players from Team Guardian Force, M Ilham “tRust” Ridho.ole2

Dramatic! One word that can represent the atmosphere of the PBNC2016 Final match. The defeat that was almost in front of the Team Guardian Force’s eyes could be reversed with a very beautiful and dramatic victory. How about a tactical battle between the two Leaders who had to rack their brains so that their team could get round after round, and in the end Team Guardian Force won it.

Team Guardian Force proves that there is a fact that says “Hard work will not end in vain” and it is proven in this 2016 PBNC. A tight bootcamp for almost 3 months, mapping, strategizing, learning how to play opponents, has been the daily diet of this team for several months.

There had been a decline in performance since they last became Champion 1 PBNC 5 (2014) and Champion 3 PBIC4 (2014), They finally failed at PBNC 2015, PBGC 2015, and made several Team Guardian Force members think “Now our heyday is over” but there there was a Tommy Switanto, Sixth player and Manager of the GF Team who motivated Armario “taLenT” Valentino, Benny “suNny” Susanto, Michael “severine” Winata to return to the winning track by practicing intensively for the grand event of the 2016 PBNC.

They finally came back again because there was one dream that had not been achieved, namely Champion 1 PBIC. Michael “severine” Winata said that it was this dream that made him and his team get excited again to train hard against PBNC2016.

gf bootcamp rules
Bootcamp rules from Team Guardian Force

Team Guardian Force Manager finally decided to make a bootcamp for 2 months. The bootcamp, which is located in Bekasi, is forbidden to be visited by anyone who can distract you. Players from Team GF can only come out or be visited at 17.00-19.00 and Saturday-Sunday. The hard work shown by the GF Team does not always produce beautiful results. They had failed to qualify for the PBNC2016 Bekasi Close and had to fight in the Jakarta Open qualification. Their hard work finally paid off after passing through the Jakarta Open Qualifications.

Team Guardian Force at PBNC2016

Joined in Group C with Team Noah Vito Alvaro, RF7, and RCS, the Guardian Force wiped out all matches and qualified for the Upper Bracket and will face N1CS Kamikaze.

Winning over N1CS Kamikaze, Team GF has been awaited by EPIC186 in the Semi Final. The struggle is not easy for the GF Team because previously they lost to EPIC186 in Bekasi Close. Team GF finally won and qualified for the PBNC2016 Grand Final. Team GF finally won PBNC2016 after a fierce battle in the Final against N1CS and ended with a score of 2-1.

The cry that all Team GF players couldn’t stop. To the point that the Leader of the GF Team, Benny Susanto, ran out of voices. Hard training was not wasted and they can continue their dream to win PBIC this year.gf23

Goodluck for Team Guardian Force in Point Blank International Championship 2016.