I Made Aris Sandra Must Be Satisfied Finishing Third Place in the 2020 Esports Presidential Cup!

Indonesia’s hopes of winning the PES title at the 2020 Esports Presidential Cup have vanished, after the last Indonesian representative, I Made Aris Sandra, failed to advance to the grand final round.

In the PES Esports Presidential Cup itself, 10 participants competed. 3 from Indonesia, namely Rizky Faidan, I Made Aris Sandra, and Doni Pratama. Meanwhile, there are also four other countries, namely Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

For the other four countries, they represented seven players including Do Trung Thanh, Waratkui Chunsa Ard, Mohammad Nor Haikal, Nguyen Tuah Anh, Mohammad Syah, Yan Nang and Monton Laoprom.

Source: Windmill

Starting from the group phase, Indonesian representatives actually showed how strong they were by being able to move smoothly into the playoffs for all 3 representatives.

Unfortunately, in this playoff round, 2 Indonesian representatives, namely Rizky Faidan and Doni Pratam, had to stare at each other. Rizky Faidan who managed to excel better managed to secure the position and continued from his upper bracket.

Successfully advancing, it turned out that Rizky Faidan had to meet one of Vietnam’s representatives, Do Trung Thanh, who surprisingly managed to beat him 1-0 and forced Rizky Faidan to fall into the lower bracket.

The lower bracket is certainly not a problem for Rizky Faidan, he has defeated various opponents such as in the match against Waratkui Chunsa Ard which ended with a score of 3-1.

Source: Windmill

Rizky Faidan seems to have had a poor fate, he had to be reunited with one of the representatives from Indonesia, I Made Aris Sandra. Playing quite tough, with the drama that was created against goals, I Made Aris Sandra succeeded in silencing Rizky Faidan with a 4-3 result.

Advancing to the lower bracket finals, I Made Aris Sandra was met by the player who managed to beat Rizky Faidan, Do Trung Thanh.

The fight for Indonesia began. With the support of the host, I Made Aris Sandra actually scored the first goal. Unfortunately, Do Trung Thanh was finally able to come out better by scoring 3 goals against I Made Aris Sandra’s net.

i made the presidential trophy
Source: Windmill

With this result, I Made Aris Sandra must end his steps in the top three of the 2020 Esports Presidential Cup. And for the champion himself, Nguyen Tuan Anh successfully defeated Do Trung Thanh and came out as champion.

Meanwhile, for the other two Indonesian representatives, Rizky Faidan and Doni Pratama respectively managed to finish in 4th and 7th place. An achievement that is not too bad, of course.

i made the presidential trophy
Source: IESPL_ID

Congratulations to the three Indonesian representatives who have fought, especially I Made Aris Sandra with his third place! Even though this is not the best result, of course their efforts still deserve a thumbs up # 1NDOPRIDE