I Never Said I Retired, My Statement is Resting

Retirement Tuturu – RRQ Tuturu is a professional Mobile Legends player who is well-known for his skill in using Marksman heroes. It’s just that, at the start of MPL ID Season 5 yesterday he apparently decided not to play because he wanted to take a break.

However, it turns out that fans have misinterpreted the word “rest” as meant by him, and assumed that Tuturu had retired from the competitive realm of Mobile Legends.

tuturu retired
Source: KUY Entertainment

Knowing this, Tuturu began to emphasize it statementwhen talking with Uus in New Kenal content which was recently uploaded on the YouTube channel Uus Kamukita

I think the pension statement is wrong. I never said I was retiring, my statement was taking a break. So it doesn’t rule out the possibility that I will return to the pro scene,“He said.

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Hearing Tuturu’s words at that time, his fans began to busy discussing and waiting for RRQ Tuturu to return and strengthen the team in the competitive scene of Mobile Legends.

RRQ Hoshi itself became one of Indonesia’s strengths after EVOS Legends played below expectations after winning M1 and MPL ID Season 4.

However, it is still not known exactly when. What do you think?

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