IEG 2018 Closed with the Hope of Esports Athletes as a Profession!

Besides Mobile Legends and CS: GO, IEG 2018 also held various other branches to be contested namely PUBG Mobile, Point Blank, Dota 2, and Tekken 7.

All of these branches have completed their series of matches from 26-27 January 2019 at the Jakarta Convention Center, Hall A.

The following is the list of winners from the branch event PUBG Mobile, Point Blank, Dota 2, and Tekken 7 at IEG 2018:

Source: IEG 2018

PUBG Mobile:

  • Champion number 1: Bigetron Esports
  • Runner up: EVOS
  • 3rd place: Random Academy
  • 4th place: BOOM ID
Source: IEG 2018

Point Blank:

  • Champion number 1: Capcorn ID320
  • Runner up: The Prime Esports
  • 3rd place: RRQ Endeavor
  • 4th place: XCN Xgate
Source: PG.Barracx

Dota 2:

  • Champion number 1: PG.Orca
  • Runner up: PG.Godlike
Source: IEG 2018

Tekken 7:

  • 1st Winner: Tommy “Mishima Boy“Sugiarto
  • 2nd Winner: Anthony “DRivals“Jiang
  • 3rd Winner: Darmawan “Bigetron.M45T4Z“Sie
  • 4th Place: Christian “AlterEgo.R-TecH

If you look at some of the winners from each branch, they are well-known teams and often become champions in tournaments.

Bigetron Esports still seems too tough at PUBG Mobile. The difference in points that reaches 700 from EVOS seems to emphasize that no team has been able to fight them.

Point Blank also gave a little surprise with the fall of RRQ Endeavor, known as the PBNC 2018 champion.

They have to settle for being in third place after previously losing to The Prime Esports. Finally, Capcorn ID320 won the title after successfully defeating The Prime by a score of 2-0.

ieg 2018 title
Source: IEG 2018

Yudi Kurniawan as Head of the PKPI Esports Department (Indonesian Justice and Unity Party) said he was happy and satisfied because stage given is very good.

“Apart from that, this is also PKPI’s support for its seriousness in the world of esports. Moreover, several games at IEG 2018 bring in new champions, “he said.

How about the future expectations after IEG 2018? “If we are elected in the election, it is with the mandate of the people to help us.

PKPI wants to make esports athletes a profession in a column for KTP, KK, and also make KITAS easier.

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In addition, there is also a visa for esports athletes so there is no need to use a holiday visa or anything else and PKPI is preparing a bill on esports.

Not only that, PKPI is also planning to hold IEG again in 2019. “Maybe we have additional games and a tournament system that will make it more festive and interesting for all. gamers in Indonesia, “he concluded.

Of course, it is hoped that the presence of IEG can further open the eyes of many people to the potential of esports in Indonesia.

Moreover, the presence of esports athletes often carries the name of the country and automatically makes Indonesia proud on the international stage.

Editor: Yubian A. Huda