IEM Oakland 2017 – Cloud9 and Liquid Getting a Direct Invite

Through Twitter Intel®ExtremeMasters, ESL again announced 2 teams that get 2 slots from 4 slots direct invite remaining for IEM Oakland 2017 which will be held on November 16-19 at Oracle Arena, the headquarters of Golden State Warriors.

The tournament is also one of 10 tournaments that will be part of Intel Grand Slam which was announced some time ago on E3 who gave gifts worth $ 1,000,000 USD or about 13 billion squirrels.

The 2 teams are Cloud9 and Liquid who both come from the region North American.

The two teams will follow the 4 previous teams that have already received direct invitations, namely Astralist, FaZe Clan, SK Gaming and G2 Esports.

Appearance Cloud 9 in the last few tournaments they have participated in has been quite good, earlier this month they won PGL Americas Minor Championship 2017 after beating Immortals with a score of 2-1, they did well too finish is ranked 3/4 on ECS Season 3 – Finals some time ago.

Inversely proportional to Liquid which this year can only finish in the 3/4 position ESL Pro League S5 – Finals and must drop out in the group phase on ECS Season 3 – Finals.

ESL itself will still announce the remaining 2 teams who get direct invite in the $ 300,000 USD tournament, the remaining 4 slots will be filled by the qualifying winners.