IESPL CS: GO Week 2 – XcN Overthrows RRQ, BOOM ID Wins Smooth

Last Friday (14/9/18), Tokopedia Battle Of Friday By IESPL has entered Matchday All four. As for the game title CS: GO itself has entered its second day after premiering last week (7/9/18). This is the IESPL Week 2 recap.

The league is live broadcast from High Grounds PIK, North Jakarta. TBOF IESPL is held every week on Friday.

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In addition to competing for the CS: GO title, they also competed for major titles such as Mobile Legends, Dota 2, and Point Blank. The 12 top esports organizations will compete for a total prize pool of 1.9 billion Rupiah to take home.

Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) vs Executioners (XcN)

In the first map played on Dust2, RRQ initially excelled at first half with a score of 11-4; with players from Mongolia, Machinegun who took the lead on scoreboard with 16 kills. But things started to turn around after adrnKiNg win the gun round second half for XcN. After winning 7 consecutive rounds, RRQ started to rise and won the 14th point. Even so, XcN did not remain silent until it touched the 15th mark, and ruined RRQ’s economy. The situation in the 30th round made RRQ have to give up the first map for XcN.

In the second map, XcN excels at first half with a score of 9-6. wnd lead on scoreboard with 20 kills he achieved. To second half, XcN did not give up any 1 point for RRQ, until the 22nd round, XcN closed the second game with a score of 15-6.

Recca Esports vs Bigetron

The main match which was held at the PIK High Grounds brought together the best former Indonesian team with one of the dark horse teams. But reportedly Bigetron had to lose 1 player, namely NiRaW which means Bigetron must play without full powerhis. That position will be temporarily replaced by his manager, ZeroEight.

The first map in the Recca vs Bigetron match will be played on the Train map. Recca outperformed Bigetron from various aspects to the close first half with a score of 11-4. Recca’s win in the second round of pistols cemented their point. But even so, Bigetron gave resistance which made Recca forced to be eco-friendly before Recca closed the first map with a score of 16-8.

In the second map, Recca can outperform Bigetron and close this Mirage map with a score of 16-10. In addition, there was a change in players from IESPL on the first day, where Recca finally came with their AWPer, Nanda “Asterisk” Rizana which a few months ago brought in from BOOM.ID

TEAMnxl> vs Team Capcorn (TCN)

To this day, TEAMnxl> still comes with 4 standin-his. There has been no official statement whether these four players have been contracted or are still on probation (trial). For those who don’t know the newest roster from TEAMnxl> it contains RmC-, Vask0, Li0nzel, Qbo, and bebuyut nxl, soifong. On the other side, Capcorn has just lost 2 players, that is FER and Haz. Capcorn decided to use 2 standin from Singapore, Sha “ZesBeeW” Motar and Alex “fal-” Cheang.

Their first game fell on the Cache map. Vostok’s dazzling play brings Capcorn to the close first half with an 8-7 advantage over nxl. Up to second half, TEAMnxl> slumped to launch a comeback, until it was forced to be pushed back without getting any points at all on the T side. Game ends with a score of 16-7.

In the second game, the game started to get tough for TEAMnxl>. They failed to get an advantage on CT side Inferno until Vostok et al closed the second game with a score of 16-6.

EVOS vs Juggernaut Gaming (JG)

Map Inferno was selected again as a map to be played in IESPL. EVOS will start the game as CT, and JG will be the opposite. On first half, axLuvYes lead JG to score 8-7. However it must be admitted that the tactics are possessed Prophecy et al are superior on the T side which makes EVOS close the first game with a score of 16-9.

The second map is played on Overpass, with JG starting as the Tero side, while EVOS is on the CT side. JG managed to dominate on first half after winning the 3-0 round of pistols to make their economy even stronger, to dominate 11-4. LeGodzjer et al won the second game 16-8 and shared the points with EVOS 1-1.

BOOM ID vs PG.BarracX

In the first map, BOOM.ID has an absolute advantage over PG.BarracX in the first 11 points on the CT side. PG.BarracX has made several attempts to get up and try to launch a comeback. But fate said differently, BOOM.ID closed the first game and left PG with a score of 3-16.

The dominance of BOOM.ID hasn’t stopped in the first game. In the second game, BOOM.ID again dominated and wiped out the entire game with a landslide score of 16-1.

The Prime vs Alter.Ego

The closing game for the IESPL Day 4 event is a battle between senior and junior camps. AlterEgo itself currently consists of players who have long been in the CS: GO Indonesia scene. Meanwhile, on the opposite side, ThePrime consists of new players, but it cannot be underestimated.

The first map is played on Train. The map that AlterEgo played in its inaugural match against RRQ, but had to admit defeat. They will try to play it again this time.

AlterEgo looks tough with dominance over the first 10 rounds, without giving any point to his opponent. ThePrime returned to provide resistance on the CT side after losing at first half with a score of 13-2.

But their resistance was not enough to lead them to victory until AlterEgo closed the first game with a score of 16-8.

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The second map plays back on the Inferno map, and ThePrime starts on the CT side. Until the 20th round, AlterEgo managed to get its 14 points. 2 more points to victory on this map, ThePrime began to launch their comeback until it touched the numbers 12-15. Fate said differently because Alter.Ego got its momentum back and closed this BO2 series with a score of 16-12.

IESPL Interim Points for Matchday 4

In the second week of CS: GO, XcN BOOM.ID and Capcorn have each wiped out the match since the first week, followed by Recca Esports who had to share the score 1-1 with ThePrime.

RRQ must perch in fifth position with the victory over AlterEgo and its defeat by XcN. Followed by Bigetron, AlterEgo, EVOS, JG, and ThePrime. Until the second week, PG.BarracX and TEAMnxl> had not won at all.

The top 4 teams at the end of the league will advance to the round playoffs to fight for the total prize of 1.9 billion Rupiah.

Edited by Jabez Elijah