Imagine Dragons Continues in the Esports World with the Rogue Team

One of the international rock bands, Imagine Dragons officially joined the team Rogue. This collaboration involves the two band members (Daniel Platzman and Wayne Sermon who fill the position drummer and lead guitarist) to be partner investing in ReKT Global, the company that has acquired the esports organization, Rogue.

Rogue itself is quite well known among musicians. The reason is, two Imagine Dragons personnel joined after one of the DJs and producer famous, Steve Aoki, served as Co-Owner in the esports organization.

This esports collaboration is also not the first for Imagine Dragons. A band known for their song Radioactive officially entered the world of esports in 2014.

They cooperate with developer game from the United States, Riot Games, in the recording of the song titled Warriors which had been played on the event League of Legends World Championships 2014.

The event that took place on Seoul World Cup Stadium, Korea Selaten it was attended by 40,000 fans and watched by 27 million viewers online.

On the other hand, Platzman and Sermon do have background as a person gamers and they plan to be more active and directly involved in the upcoming esports event.

“We really love gaming and esports. We’ve also been looking for ways to contribute directly to the community for a long time. But we haven’t found the right way until now (with Rogue), “he said Mac Reynolds, Imagine Dragons Manager.

“We are confident about the rapid development of esports in the international world and we think Rogue and ReKT Global are partner that will help our city and make Las Vegas a top destination event games. ” Said Mac.

Rogue itself does have bootcamp in Las Vegas since their debut in the realm of esports in 2016.

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Apart from being inhabited by esports teams, Las Vegas is also home to esports events such as H1Z1 Pro League which officially started the title on April 21, 2018.

“The presence of Imagine Dragons is an important part of the future of the Rogue team and the future of Las Vegas.

As we continue to build a winning team and build Las Vegas as the premier destination for the American esports scene, the influence of Imagine Dragons and Steve Aoki will certainly help achieve our goals. ” said Derek Nelson, Rogue CEO & Co-Founder.

The rapid success achieved by the Rogue team was able to attract several investors such as the famous DJ, Steve Aoki. Even Aoki also helped promote the Rogue team and introduced it to the international level.

Rogue itself already has several divisions such as CS: GO, Rocket League, H1Z1, Vainglory, Rainbow Six Siege and contracted one streamer popular Fortnite, Dr. Lupo.

He often plays in duos with streamer top Fortnite, Ninja, routinely until it almost touched his 1000th win.

Edited by Jabez Elijah