Immortals Back up Lincoln “fnx” Lau

Immortals has confirmed that Lincoln “fnx“Lau is no longer the starting roster in this Brazilian team. For now fnx has also been moved to the bench and Immortals has also opened up transfer opportunities for this player.

In a statement regarding the reserve fnx, internal problems between players become a problem, not only disturbing the relationship between players but also having an impact on team performance. Immortals will continue to look for replacements fnx, for the time being the starting line-up will be filled by their coach, Rafael “zakk“Fernandes.

The following is a statement from Immortals:

“The CS: GO Immortal Team has worked really hard to reach the highest level in CS: GO today. As an Organization, we remain focused on reaching the very top while building a long-term foundation for success. One of the biggest problems we face is an internal problem, which hinders the team’s performance a lot. “

“Keeping the atmosphere cool is very important to us. We’ve put fnx back on track, Immortal has opened up transfer opportunities for this one player, and we’ll be looking for a permanent replacement for our roster. Meanwhile, the fnx slot will be filled by a coach, namely Rafael “zakk” Fernandes. “

The following is the current Immortals roster:

Brazil Ricardo “boltz” Prass
Brazil Henrique “HEN1” Teles
Brazil Lucas “lucas” Teles
Brazil Lucas “steel” Lopes
Brazil Rafael “zakk” Fernandes (temporary)

Source: GosuGamers, Betwayesports