[In-Depth] Tang Wen Yi, 71 Dota 2 and His Prior Journey to Mineski

In the competitive Dota 2 scene, there is a coach /coach who have held a team that has the potential to become champions for years. 71 Dota 2 has not only trained the second winner of the event The International first in 2011, EHOME, but also big names like Team DK, and the newest team namely Mineski.

The trainer is named Tang “71” Wen Yi, maybe some of you have seen it in a documentary video made by Valve – Free to Play.

EHOME – DotA Allstars & Dota 2

Not many people know his history in the world of esports but, it turns out, he trained the Chinese Counter-Strike team in 2003, long before training the EHOME DotA Allstars team. After the release of Dota 2, he and EHOME also transitioned to the new game.

In a game that was still relatively new at the time, EHOME was quickly becoming one of the best teams in the world. They were immediately able to participate in the biggest esports event at that time – The International 2011.

Even though their performance was extraordinary during the Group Stage round, unfortunately they were beaten by the team Natus Vincere who finally came out as first winner, and EHOME had to settle for second place.

ehome ti 1
EHOME The International 2011 – Image Courtesy: joinDOTA

71 is known as a coach who is disciplined and never gives up. He even said on Free to Play that if they got a trophy that wasn’t for first place, he would throw it away at the airport.

He continued his career with EHOME in 2012 but with a quite different roster, because some of his players decided to retire from the competitive scene and some moved to other teams.

ehome ti 2
EHOME The International 2012 – Image Courtesy: 17173

EHOME who was once invincible finally lost his throne. Their new roster is not as good as the old one. In fact, at The International 2012 event, they only got 5-6th place because they had to fall to far stronger Chinese teams such as Invictus Gaming and TongFu.

ti2 group stage
The International 2012 Group Stage Results – Image Courtesy: Liquipedia

After this disappointing performance, one by one EHOME players decided to leave their team, including 71. As a result, on 23 November 2012, the EHOME organization was finally disbanded.

Team DK: The Dream Team

71 who at that time did not have a team to train, finally joined Team DK. He was in the team from 2013-2014. Here, he trains the most famous legendary players in Dota esports history, namely BurNIng, Mushi, iceiceice, LaNm, and MMY!.

team dk 2014
Team DK 2014 – Image Courtesy: joinDOTA

Everyone saw them as dream team Dota 2. At that time, they managed to win several big events such as WPC ACE Dota 2 League 2013, the second winner at the event WPC 2014 and The Summit. Because of their excellent performance, Team DK is predicted to easily win The International 2014 later.


Team DK received a Direct Invite for the event, but in the Group Stage they only managed to get 3rd place with a score of 10-5. Luckily on Phase Three, the round that will determine which team is entitled to a slot in the Upper Bracket, they can beat Cloud9 and secures the Upper Bracket slot.

However, in the middle of the event an incident occurred where the Chinese media, GameFY, without permission entered Team DK’s playroom and recorded them discussing their strategy. As a result, the video quickly spread, of course Team DK was greatly disadvantaged from the incident.

Sure enough, Team DK’s performance has decreased since then. In the end, they couldn’t take the trophy home either The International 2014. Maybe their defeat in that event was not 100% due to the leakage of their strategy, but surely this had a significant impact on their performance at that time.

The end of The International 2014 marked the retirement of some of the best players from Team DK such as BurNIng and LaNm. So after the event, their roster was finally disbanded and the players parted ways with each other, including 71.

The Return of a Chinese Powerhouse – EHOME

Then suddenly in 2014, 71 said in an interview that he would bring EHOME back to life alongside famous players like Mushi, Ohaiyo, Inflame, DDC, and one last player.

ehome 2015
EHOME 2015 – Image Courtesy: @wykrhm

And what 71 said did come true. In 2015, he joined the 4 players together Zyf from LV Gaming for EHOME’s newest roster.

Unfortunately, the roster’s performance was very disappointing in the event Dota 2 Asian Championships and their roster was changed several times.

ehome ti 5
EHOME The International 2015 Roster – Image Courtesy: Dota Blast

One of EHOME’s best roster is their roster for The International 2015 which consists of Zyf, Cty, rOtK, LaNm and DDC. They managed to get 5-6 positions, out of 16 teams at the event.

ehome 2016
EHOME 2016 Roster – Image Courtesy: @ehomecn

Then their roster for The International 2016 is no less great than the previous year. Even though they passed through the Wild Card round, they managed to get the highest points in the Group Stage with a score of 12-2.

However, they were defeated at the Main Event by the team Evil Geniuses and get eliminated after being defeated by Digital Chaos.

After the event, the position of coach 71 was finally replaced by LaNm. As a result, 71 ended up having to leave the EHOME team once again.

Mineski: A New Beginning

After disappearing from the competitive realm for approximately 2 years, 71 finally found his new home in Mineski. As per his interview with the Chinese media, Dadianjing, he was asked by Mushi to train Mineski several times.

However, because at that time his son was very young, he still wanted to stay in China and help the team Keen Gaming. And he finally decided to move to Southeast Asia because he didn’t want to live in China anymore. The reason is simply because he wants to win.

mineski dac 2018
Mineski DAC 2018 – Image Courtesy: gameinside.ua

In January 2018, 71 officially joined Mineski. Joining 71 to the team proved to be very effective for Mineski. The reason is that they managed to become the first Southeast Asian team to ever win the Minor event as well as the Major event, namely Dota 2 Asian Championships 2018.


Mineski’s most recent achievement was winning 5-6 at the Changsha EPICENTER XL and MDL events. Even though he did not win in the two events, Mineski’s performance proved stable for the following events.


71 is considered to be one of the keys to the success of the teams since long time ago. As if the team he is holding always produces good performance. The cold-handed coach always works hard in any team he trains and teaches that discipline is also a factor for the success of a team.

The International 2018 which is getting closer marks the end of the Dota Pro Circuit. At the time this article was written, Mineski was pocketing the fifth highest DPC, and there were already 4 teams that were eligible to play at The International 2018.

dota pro circuit
Dota Pro Circuit Rankings – Image Courtesy: Liquipedia

If Mineski and 71 can maintain their performance and secure more DPCs, Mineski can also qualify for The International 2018 and represent the Southeast Asia region. Apart from that the event could become The International’s fifth time for 71.

Do you think Mineski and 71 will secure their slot at The International 2018? Or did he even succeed in making Mineski a champion?

Edited by Jabez Elijah