In the past, it prohibited games, now Aceh forms an esports management body

One of the surprising news came from the realm of esports in Indonesia after the Ministry of Youth and Sports established esports as an achievement sport. With this decision, esports will have its own branch at the upcoming National Sports Week (PON).

In fact, Kemenpora asked for guidance that must be applied to children who want to pursue careers as esports athletes. The presence of Aceh itself is becoming increasingly taboo, we still remember the Aceh MUI fatwa case regarding games PUBG Mobile is it haram? Yep, now Aceh has changed his mind.

Take it easy, now mobile games have their own place. The Aceh Esports committee has been formed by inaugurating 23 representatives in the Regency / City following the promulgation of the sports branch of achievement by KONI.

Represented by the Chairperson of the Indonesian Esports Daily (ESI) in Aceh Province, Zahlul said that the management of Aceh esports is very much needed so that Acehnese youth can directly promote the name of the region in the PON event.

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“In September, God willing, management in 23 districts / cities throughout Aceh will be inaugurated. Currently, the management has been formed and we often communicate online, ”said Zahlul as quoted from

management of esports ceh
Source: Aceh Trend

According to Zahlul, esports itself has become a sport as well as a lifestyle targeting the millennial generation. The sport that is carried out is centered on strategy, cooperation, creativity, and speed of thinking.

However, there is no vision and mission that has been carried out by the Aceh Esports Management for 2020 besides the preparation for the upcoming PON.

With the inauguration of this management, Aceh will put forward a vision for the promotion of local esports athletes. Aceh itself has one of the characters, Muhammad “Lemon” Ikhsan who played in RRQ Hoshi at the MPL ID Season 6 event.