Increasingly Unfortunately, Gen.G Extends Ruler’s Service Period for 3 Years

Having a star player in the team is something a team really wants. This particular team will really take care of the player thanks to the contribution he has made to the team and he also believes in being able to develop even further in his shelter team.

Citing examples of mainstay players who even deserve to be called icons of a certain team is not something difficult, especially in League of Legends, Bjergsen with TSM, Sneaky with Cloud9, Faker with SKT, and most recently Park “Ruler“Jae-hyuk with Gen.G.

source: Korizon

The young man who was born in 1998 has been defending the name of the Gen.G team since 2016 when the team still had the name Samsung Galaxy, then the team changed its name to KSV Esports before finally ending up with the name Generation Gaming or Gen.G which we know today.

The team management seems to see a potential that is contained in Ruler and the player himself seems to have put his heart into the team he has defended for 3 years. This is reflected in Gen.G’s decision to extend Ruler’s contract for the next 3 years and the player concerned also received a contract that is likely to expire when he decides to retire.

source: Twitter

Together with the team he defended, Ruler was able to win the title as well as the MVP at the 2017 Worlds event after Samsung Galaxy overthrew SK Telecom T1 3-0 without reply.

In 2019, Gen.G has had some pretty poor results in the LCK league but it doesn’t seem like this has prevented him from being part of the team in the white and black with the gold accent.