Indian businessman invests money in an e-sports league

A businessman in one of the largest countries in Asia, namely India, seems to have begun to see the potential for e-Sports in this developing country. Evidenced by the plan to create an e-sports league. Who is the person behind the plan?

Is Ronnie Screwvala, a successful businessman in India who is ready to disburse funds of 12-15 million dollars. A fantastic number considering that e-Sport is currently still developing.

Ronnie Screwala, courtesy by Indian Express

The entrepreneur, who recently sold Disney’s United Television Videos, will create an e-Sports league with a name UCypher as reported by Indiatimes.

“E-Sports fits perfectly with the DNA of USports. We want something new that makes a big impact. first of all we are working with Kabaddi (Pro Kabaddi League), and we are currently preparing to release an e-Sports league.

UChyper itself will start running in May and will present games from PC, console and mobile but it has not been announced which games will be contested. Additional information, for 45 days the planned first season of Ucyphey will be implemented.

So, in your opinion, what if Indonesia also had someone who invested their money in e-Sports? What is the impact for e-Sport Indonesia?