Indian Police Ban Members from Installing PUBG Mobile, What is the Reason?

As we know, that the relationship between PUBGM with India, it does not have a good relationship.

India continues to aggressively make efforts to reduce the impact of this game made by Tencent.

One way is to discipline members of the Indian police by keeping them away PUBGM.


Indian police institution, that is Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) have banned their members from playing PUBGM.

In fact, the rules are so strict that raids are often carried out smartphone so that none of their police officers install the game PUBGM.

The reason the CRPF has implemented these rules is because PUBGM considered to have a negative impact on their capability as public servants.

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According to a report from, senior officers from the CRPF said that the consequences of game addiction would affect the operational capabilities of their members.

“Many of them stopped socializing with others. This game also causes them to sleep less because of reduced physical activity, ”said the officer, as quoted by

The officer also added that the addiction to this game is already at an alarming level and greatly affects the operational performance, aggressiveness and attitudes of its members.

Source: Youtube GtxPreet

PUBGM it is very much loved by many countries, especially in India. However, there is a lot of news that is not wearing from the Indian community about PUBGM which produces a negative impact as a result of addiction to the game.

What is the response, friend, Revival? Do you think that Revival’s rule is right?