INDO PRIDE! Recca Advances to the Grand Final of the Australian ZEN League

Recca Esports have secured their place for the Zen League final after defeating Dark Sided and MVP PK.

Recca’s journey in the city of Sydney began by fighting the Dark Sided team on the mirage map, with a score of 2-0, a result that was previously predictable because the name Dark Sided was not often heard in big Southeast Asian games.

In the first series there were many aggressive moments shown by Kevin “xccurate” Susanto in several rounds forward to Mid on the mirage map, and to sandwiches at A sites, plus a few clutches from Sys, when round 6 saved Recca with his 1 vs 2 clutch. with M4A4.

For BnTeT, this is also its last tournament with the team bearing this dragon logo. But today he is back in the spotlight with his god of war tactics, he managed to help Recca with Kill 25 and death 5 stats. Recca Esports closed a fairly easy and fast victory with a score of 16-2 in the first map.

In the second map cache, Initially it was a “Smooth” round for Recca, but after they switched to CT, Dark Sided made an effort to hold on and tried a comeback. BnTeT also looks very strong in this second map, again BnTeT has a K / D of 1.78, making some highlights including ACE which you can see here (3 kills) and here (2 more kills).

For these two cache maps, Recca Esports looked very consistent when it won the match against Dark Sided, and the team owned by Suhadi “Recca” Wijaya had to continue their journey against the MVP Project Korea who previously won against Immunity.


The second series from Recca Esports is against MVP PK which contains old players from Counter Strike 1.6, and at that time they were a fairly well-known team.

Their first map is Inferno, this map is believed to be the MVP PK’s “Basecamp”, because they often play here. They previously also overwhelmed Immunity because of this map.

In the early rounds, this match was led by the MVP PK, but after the MVP PK got round 5, Recca’s performance began to improve by reversing the situation until 7-8.

But suddenly, the MVP PK looked very difficult with the game tactics of Recca Esports. On CT Side, the MVP PK could only take 2 rounds, and finally Recca Esports won the first match with a score of 16-10.

The highlights that can be seen from this first match are BnTeT 4 Kill at A site (2 AK & 2 AWP) Dan Frostmisty 4 Famas Kill at Bombsite B. In this match, BnTeT took the lead with 29 kills and 15 deaths followed by Frostmisty who looked very strong in this map with KD 1.43.

Entering the second match, the cobblestone map where Recca is superior to the overall MVP PK. In this map Recca looks very solid in the first half it gets 11-4, because as we know Cobblestone is a T sided map.

Continuing to the second half, Recca did not give any PK round and finally the match ended at 16-4, led by xccurate who had KD 21-9, and followed by BnTeT who carried the Indonesian flag on its bench with KD 20-7.

Recca will continue their GRAND FINAL match tomorrow on June 18 2017, at 12 noon. They will wait for their opponent who will pass the lower bracket, namely Immunity vs. Dark Sided, and after that the winner will fight MVP PK. The winner of the match will meet Recca Esports in this Grand Final.

Let’s pray that Recca Esports will win this big tournament in Australia, and hopefully it can make Indonesia proud in the eyes of the world.

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Tomorrow morning we will review the analysis of Recca Esports against the team it will play against. Stay with RevivalTV!