Indomie Goes to the Realm of Esports by Sponsoring the Australian Esports League!

Brands Unconventional or arguably the unusual one seems to be getting more and more daring to jump into the realm of esports. With products that are far from being impressed gaming, in fact this has not deterred interest from the company.

Maybe when you hear Mercedes-Benz in collaboration with ESL it is common. There are more brand more extreme, namely the cooperation of condom products with an esports team from Germany, Unicorn of Love. Yup, you heard it right, wow.

But different from brand above, because one brand this is a role model for all boarding children in Indonesia, or maybe the world. As per the title brand it is Indomie, which is an instant noodle product that is famous and made in the country.

But they are not present as snacks at the food festival, but as sponsors at one of the esports events from Australia. The esports event has a name Australian Esports League, which is an esports event among students.

Source: Australian University League

With the title AEL University Cup, where several game branches like CS: GO, Dota 2 and Rocket League competed. This event is also entering its second season which will hold the grand finals on 2-4 November 2018.

The 2018 AEL University Cup is intended for students in Australia. This event presents a prize of US $ 15,000 in the total prize pool.

In addition, the top two teams in the final will continue to play in the playoffs at the University Cup and have the opportunity to win direct cash prizes.

Recipe that is not recommended, wow. Source: Tribune

Apart from Indomie, the Australian Esports League also brought PwC Australia as a sponsor at the event. There is also brands others such as Australian Computer Scoeity, OVO Mobile, D-Link and monitor provider company, AOC.

Source: PwC Australia

Although impressed ‘mock’, this University level title is apparently a direct contribution of Australian Esports Association (AESA). It is the official esports agency from Australia which also represents the kangaroo country in the forum International Esports Federation (IESF).

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Indirectly this event is also clear evidence of the company that oversees Indomie, Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk. Of course this brings fresh air, maybe Indomie will target Indonesia as the next esports collaboration event.

Source: Esports Insider

Indomie with its cooperation at AEL is also counted as the first time in the realm of esports. Of course para gamers very familiar with brand This, apart from being easy to cook, Indomie is also here as a stomach savior at the end of the month (friend misqueen, wkwk).