Indonesia! Have a good fight! – RevivaLTV

After being present with a long and tiring series of matches, Indonesia finally passed one of its representatives to compete in GESC: Indonesia Dota2 Minor. It is the King of Kings, Rex Regum Qeon who secures the slot after struggling against one of the dark horses, Alter Ego.

In the final round, where the winner must be determined by means of the BO5 series, Rex Regum Qeon managed to score 3-1 to win the match. Left behind first, Xepher et al managed to reply with 3 consecutive wins.

If we look at the first game, of course we hope that there will be 5 thrilling games that will produce the best team as champions. However, RRQ shows its quality. The 3 games they won were practically able to overcome.

In the first game, there was a tense buying and selling attack. 67 minutes of the game running, making a Huppey who uses Tiny from the Alter Ego team to buy a Divine Rapier. Aligned with Daedalus, this one hero is even capable of dealing 1.8k of damage! This of course made his head shake and RRQ gave up.

While the second game, the game runs more relaxed. However, RRQ took advantage of the early game quite well. The zip zap from Yabyoo which uses Storm Spirit deserves more appreciation. Only once died, he managed to destroy Alter Ego with 12 kills.

Entering the third game, RRQ’s owning could not be avoided. Rusman, who even got 10 kills without dying, is already valid proof. This is also inseparable from how the R7 manages to maximize the potential of the Doom it uses.

And in the fourth game, Alter Ego looks completely unable to stem RRQ’s superiority. In just 19 minutes, Alter Ego survived before they finally typed in GG. Officially, Rex Regum Qeon represents Indonesia!

Of course this success was greeted with great fanfare by the players and management of RRQ. As seen from one of their Instastory.

With the escape of Rex Regum Qeon, it also shows an indication that the arrival of Rusman and R7, brings a new color to them. The DOTA 2 competition map in Indonesia is also increasingly even. This also seems to be the answer to their consistency in continuing to be in Indonesian esports.

Congratulations, Rex Regum Qeon! See you in mid-March!