Interesting Facts about MPL ID Season 6 ML between Bigetron Alpha vs Geek Fam Mobile Legends

In the pro scene of Mobile Legends, MPL ID Season 6 has entered Week 4. With a 1-1 score between Bigetron Alpha and Geek Fam, forcing the two teams to continue the match until the 3rd match.

BTR managed to secure victory over Geek Fam in match 3. This victory increases the chance for BTR to occupy first place in the MPL ID Season 6 standings.

Therefore, here are some interesting facts about MPL ID Season 6 between Bigetron Alpha and Geek Fam!

First Blood

The first interesting fact from the BTR match against GEEK is first blood.

This is because, from the 3 matches that took place, all of the first blood that occurred from these two teams took the victim, namely the hyper carry. In fact, placing the META power center on one hero is a very troublesome thing for sure if the hyper carry is successfully picked off by the opponent.

With the exception of BTR Branz and GEEK DoyokSyl, their performance actually presented this first interesting fact and proved to be admirable for the excitement of the game!

Chang’e and Gatotkaca

These two heroes are the heroes most favored by both parties at this match.

Chang’e as a support mage has the ability to become a damage dealer from a fairly safe distance. Making him worthy of being a rival for Parsha. On the other hand, Gatotkaca, who is a tank hero and received a rework from Moonton, is again popular.

The difference is that Gatotkaca is the mainstay of pro players to fill the offlaner position. Evidenced by the presence of Gatotkaca which made the match tension even hotter. Gatotkaca’s rework was actually able to make him side by side with other strong heroes like Thamuz, Khaleed, and Parsha in the Land of Dawn!

Roger BTR Branz

BTR Branz is a carry from the Bigetron Alpha team. Plus, through the statistics of pro players, BTR Branz is one of the carry with the highest statistical gain in MPL ID Season 6!

Interestingly, in the match that lasted 3 matches with Geek Fam, BTR Branz seemed not to be bored and always used Roger. This unique hero with a role: fighter / marksman is indeed one of the mainstays of hyper carry for pro players in MPL ID.

In fact, Roger BTR Branz lost in match 1. However, BTR Branz was able to show good performance in the 2nd and 3rd matches. In the end, Roger BTR Branz succeeded in becoming a scary hyper carry figure for Geek Fam.

BTR Branz even faced 3 Geek Fam members at the same time during the last team fight moment on match 3!

Those are the interesting facts in MPL ID Season 6 between Bigetron Alpha and Geek Fam. Stay tuned for more interesting facts on the next MPL ID Season 6 match. Don’t forget to keep supporting your favorite team too!