Interview with Kyle “Beef” Bautista, General Manager of compLexity!

Hello RevivaLTV friends! Yesterday, we had the opportunity to interview the General Manager of the organization compLexity, namely Kyle “Beef” Bautista. Beef used to be a substitute player for compLexity in 2015.

The topic of the interview this time is compLexity Dota 2 and The International 2017. The following are the results of the interview which have been translated into Indonesian.

Slacks Interviewing Beef at TI6.

Could you please introduce yourself and your position in the compLexity organization?

Hi, my name is Kyle “Beef” Bautista, I am the General Manager for compLexity.

As the coL General Manager, what are the things you do to make the coL team play well, especially before big events like TI7?

As coL General Manager, I oversee the whole day-to-day work in each of the respective teams and departments. Inside the Dota 2 division, I made sure that coach and team managers can do their job well, provide resource and logistical assistance for the players, and assisting them with aspects such as communication practice, or even being as easy as someone to talk to in times of stress.

Adam “343” Erwann Shah bin Akhtar Hussein

With the addition of Adam “343” as coL coach, in your opinion, will he significantly sharpen his performance and help coL?

We are very happy to have Adam in the coL team (343 Becoming a compLexity Dota 2 Coach). Especially with it swindlemelonzz and DeMoN in the team, we already have a wealth of experience and opinions on different ways of playing and how our team should be led. Adam helped cut a little bit of noise and reinforced what we had to focus on and helped put together gameplan us thoroughly.

Lately, there have been many players from Southeast Asia who have moved to America to get a different Dota scene, for example Adam himself. What do you think about these players?

I think the Dota 2 game is really global now, and this is a good thing. Valve has been a bit tight-lipped about their “rules” for global player / team movements, but over the last years we’ve started to get their point, and it seems to be going well. I’m delighted to see players from all over the region playing in North America right now.

Talking about LAN events before TI7, their schedule is very busy. What is your opinion about this schedule? Do you think their schedule is too busy?

I don’t think their schedule is too busy at the moment. If a team tries to participate in every event that is held, that’s crazy; however it is not necessary in its current state. I prefer if their schedules are more organized, especially focusing more regional events and playing against teams that are not tier1. I think this is a bigger problem than the busy schedule of events.

Image Courtesy: – Kyle “swindlemelonzz” Freedman

The TI7 format has just been announced, what do you think about the new format and how will it affect the participating teams?

I think this new format is very good. System wild card it works fine, but I think this system is much better. We always ask for a bigger group at times round robin, and this is what we got. In my opinion, this is the best way so that each team can show their respective abilities.

Since the coL team will pass the qualifying round for the North American region, who is the toughest enemy for the coL in that round? And if you could face any team in that round, which team would you want to face?

In my opinion Team NP is definitely our toughest enemy. Not a few think that they are one of the 10 best teams in the world today, some even think that they were going to get a Direct Invite for TI7. If we can face any team in that round then we want to fight Evil Geniuses. Somehow, we were good enough against them, LOL. In fact, we are looking forward to redeeming ourselves against Team Freedom after several bad defeats against them.

Seeing that Prizepool TI is always increasing, in your opinion, why is Prizepool TI always increasing from year to year? Is it because the number of viewers continues to increase or is the merchandise being sold even more attractive?

I really want to say that it was due to the increasing number of viewers, but I don’t think that’s why. I think that every year to get the same level of satisfaction, the investment required has gone up a little. People also really want to “beat records” every year, that’s good for the players, but not necessarily good in the “mental” aspect. scene competitive.

Out of the topic of the TI7 event, there were rumors about TI7 being held outside America due to problems about entering the country. However, TI7 will still be held in America, will this affect non-American players?

We will probably continue to see some problems at IT this year. Philippine and Chinese players will continue to be the most affected players, although with the South American qualifying round this year, Brazilian or Peruvian players may also be affected. The qualifying rounds are held about 6-7 weeks before TI, I hope they will be in a few weeks before TI, but what can I do? As long as Valve provides the best documentation, instructions, and support, then they’ll be fine.

Lastly, what do you have to say to your fans and coLs out there?

To all of our fans – I know it has not been an easy year to support us. We’ve struggled, but we’re finally here. This is IT season and it is our strongest moment. Our team looks great, and coaches 343 working hard to help us be better every day. We hope you will cheer for us at the regional stage and in Seattle later. Thank you for your support!

That’s about our interview with Kyle “Beef” Bautista. It seems like every team has started to get serious in playing, especially with TI7 ​​which is about to start. Good luck, compLexity!