Introducing, This is RYO, the Mascot of RRQ!

As one of Indonesia’s giant esports teams, Rex Regum Qeon has finally launched their mascot. This mascot is named Ryo who is introduced as a King of RRQ Work. This mascot looks cute with a “chibi” look.

RYO, Mascot Rex Regum Qeon

With the presence of Ryo, of course Rex Regum Qeon hopes that their character as the King of Kings will be stronger in the minds of many esports activists. In addition, several Indonesian esports teams also have their own mascots, call it EVOS Esports with ROAR, or BOOM Esports with BOOMIE.

The figure of Ryo himself symbolizes strength and wealth while remaining humble and down-to-earth. In the recently announced video, Ryo is seen wearing a royal robe, jersey, or casual outfit typical of RRQ Store. Shows that the figure of a king who is so idolized.

This cute mascot will certainly be present at many LAN events in the future, providing support for RRQ and meeting fans of this one team. But unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic that is attacking our earth makes us content to see Ryo from a distance.

Hopefully, we can meet Ryo in person as soon as possible. And with Ryo, the RRQ team is even more enthusiastic about pursuing championships in many tournaments in the future and success in many game titles. Keep up the spirit RRQ!