InYourDream has been hit by the Manila Masters!

The Manila Masters will start in a few days. Of course there are some of the world’s top teams who will enliven the tournament

Not only that, it seemed for the next few days matchmaking SEA will be enlivened by participating players Manila Masters. So don’t be surprised if lately you will see Arteezy, SumaiL, EternalEnvy, Puppey etc. playing on the SEA server.

Leaderboard MMR will also be invaded by these outside players, as recently happened one of the players from OG namely Nathan “Ana” Pham managed to top Leaderboard SEA with 9435 mmr and displacing the first 9000 mmr of SEA, InYourDream which had touched 9200 MMR but fell back to 8828 mmr.

Of course to get into Leaderboard they must play at least 15 match in order to be able toupdate in server they are playing.

It seems interesting to wait if players from Indonesia can play 1 team with the world’s top players in ranked matchmaking.