Is InYourDream Invited To Cloud9 For TI7?

Big news has just come from one of Indonesia’s proud players, InYourdreaM. There was news that someone who claimed to be the captain of Cloud 9 invited InYourdreaM to join his team to take part in the qualifications for The International 2017 which was getting closer, of course.

source, story instagram @ kikycassa7

The message posts appear directly from InYourdreaM’s official Instagram Story. You can see someone named Ryze Imperial who claims to be captain Cloud 9 inviting IYD to join his team. But is he really the captain of Cloud 9?

After searching using Facebook Search, we managed to get the Facebook account, but there wasn’t much information we could get there.

source, the official web cloud 9

Then we moved to Cloud 9’s Official Website, opened the options on their dota 2 roster and we found Ryze is really one of the players from Cloud 9. After clicking the Facebook button above, we immediately switched to Ryze’s official fanpage where the photo was. the profile is the same as the one on the first facebook account above.

source, ryze official fanpage

Well, by looking at the references above there is a high chance that this actually happened, aka Cloud 9 is really enthusiastic about inviting an InYourdreaM into their Dota 2 roster. In addition, this time IYD was given position 1, aka the main core (carry), and 747 was also mentioned where he was a reliable player who also had 9000 MMR from North America and was also a former member of the compLexity team.