Is it true that former SES players will join BOOM Esports?

ASL qualification has entered the fourth week. Soon the team will win each one wave will compete and fight for the slot for ASL Season 4.

Several teams that have passed the qualifications will compete with PG. BarracX and also Power Danger Esports who have previously received them slots first because he won 1st and 2nd place in AOV National Championship Season 3 (ANC).

Meanwhile, teams such as EVOS Esports, BOOM Esports, and DG Esports who have confirmed to appear on the ASL Season 4 stage are preparing their roster.

The ones that are most noticeably overhauling its roster are EVOS Esports and BOOM Esports. EVOS Esports is indeed losing the figure of Hanss who decided to play at MDL. Meanwhile BOOM Esports has released Cassy & Naitomea.

There are 2 BOOM Esports players who have come out, namely Naitomea and Cassy as seen from their in-game names that have changed to LFT or commonly known as “Looking For Team”. Meanwhile, there were 3 former SES players who surprisingly changed their first names to BOOM.

The 3 players are Robox, Mystyk, and Dyz. Division AoV Brother Esports is currently inactive. This was due to management transfer.

As a result, the SES players had to split up like Catee and Rasy decided to play Mobile Legends at MDL.

Source: Instagram Saudara Esports

The departure of former SES players, namely, Robox, Dyz, and Mystyk to the BOOM Esports team is still a rumor, but it can be confirmed because BOOM Esports is currently lacking a position. midlaner and sidelane. Robox & Mystyk is the right person to fill the position.

The move of SES players to BOOM Esports was also strengthened when RoboX did live streaming. The 3 players changed their names to BOOM.Rbx, BOOM.Zdy, BOOM.Mystyk.

However, when the author contacted one of the Brothers Esports players, they couldn’t comment much about the rumors of moving to BOOM Esports.

Source: Instagram aovinfoid

Most likely the BOOM Esports lineup for ASL Season 4 is as follows:

  • Mystyk (Dark Slayer Lane)
  • RoboX (Midlane)
  • Raze (Jungler)
  • Menbong (Abyssal Laner)
  • CL / Dyz (Observer / Coach)

Of course BOOM Esports will provide other surprises at future events. Let’s just wait for the official announcement from BOOM Esports!

Editor: Yubian Asfar