Is it true that the Alliance released all their players?

The clarification about the future rumors of the Alliance team seemed to be starting to spread. And with alacrity, they immediately released an announcement about the future of this Swedish team.

On their site, a new post appears. Which, they explained that until now the five players were still in the team and there had not been the slightest change.

As the drop period for Major Valve registrations ended on May 16, Alliance did not confirm registration before that window closed. This basically means that all of our current players will be taken off the list on Valve’s registration site. We want to make it clear that this does not mean that we are letting go of any players, but we will evaluate what needs to be improved to ensure the success of the team in the coming season.

DOTA 2 Team Captain, Jonathan “Loda” Berg has a statement regarding the decision:

“The last few months we’ve worked a lot, some happiness, but also some disappointments. Entering the transfer window we have decided to drop the entire roster to re-evaluate the lineup and consider how it can improve in the future. This does not mean we will disband, but we think we need to consider some changes to become the team we want. “

As always, Alliance is committed to supporting its team and players in any way that may be necessary. We all strive to make ourselves, our fans and partners proud of the team they have supported over these years.

We’ll provide another update before the lock roster on May 24th. Until then, be sure to watch and support our Dota 2 team at the StarLadder i-League Invitational being held in Shanghai, China on May 18-21.