Is it true that Universe replaces FATA in Team Secret? – RevivaLTV

The roster change in the Evil Geniuses team yesterday seemed to raise questions about the future of UNiVeRsE. Will UNiVeRsE replace FATA in Team Secret?

This question is certainly not an arbitrary question without any basis. UNiVeRsE defended Team Secret in 2016 even though it was only for 3 months. So, why is FATA being brought up in the rumors this time?

BREAKING NEWS! Evil Geniuses Remodel the Roster!

Apart from having the same position, namely offlaner, a trailer for Movie Buffed from Beyond The Summit which is predicted to be UNiVeRsE has fueled this rumor.

You can see, there is a man wearing a Team Secret jersey cleaning the table with an Evil Geniuses jersey. And if you pay attention, at first glance the man is UNiVeRsE. Coupled with a small tweet from FATA on Twitter, this has brought these rumors to the surface.

As if, FATA wants to provide a “code” about his future at Team Secret. In fact, he looks so serious this time, with the phrase “not penguins”. Yes, the last few tweets from FATA do contain a lot of penguin elements.

Warganet gave various responses, most of them told him not to leave Team Secret. Obviously this is a form of fans’ support for him, especially since Team Secret has so far been fairly stable in their steps as one of the teams invited directly to The International via the Dota Pro Circuit.

What reinforces the fact that the original role of FATA is midlaner. He got the opportunity to explore the role offlaner in his new team, Team Secret. In contrast to UNiVeRsE which we already know as one of the best offlaners in the DOTA 2 scene.

But for the fans of Team Secret, it doesn’t seem like they are too concerned about this, especially so far Team Secret has closed the 2017 or half season of the Dota Pro Circuit with good results.

Occupying the first position with 3690 points, Team Secret seems to be getting closer to playing The International 2018 event. Followed by Team Liquid and Virtus pro below.

If you can choose, who are the offlaners that Team Secret currently needs? Keeping FATA or taking UNiVeRsE?