Is It Worth Being A Gamers?

Some Reasons To Become A Gamer:

  • We can forget painful experiences in life

    The attractiveness of a game can help you take your mind off a lot of pain and discomfort. It doesn’t matter if it’s physical or emotional pain. Some hospitals even tell their patients to play games as a form of therapy, as well as heartbreak.

  • Can improve our social skills.

    There are a wide variety of games that can help you become very friendly with other people. Either play online with other people or against people online random at the cafe / internet cafe. Indirectly increases our social abilities.

  • Gaming can make us smarter.

    It can help you make decisions in seconds, reasoning and the ability to strategize carefully to beat other gamers. It also stimulates our brain function, increases IQ and helps us slow down the aging process of the brain.

  • Can improve eye and hand coordination.

    By playing fast games – like games FPS (First Person Shooters). It increases the response time of your body & eyes to react to the circumstances around us. And help us make decisions faster as a result of playing challenging games.

  • Can Increase our Creativity.

    There are many games that contain good graphics. Not all graphics are based on the program currently in use. Sometimes there is a piece from her designer that adds up so much visual and events in a game.

  • We can improve language skills and vocabulary.

    By playing with people from different walks of life and ethnicities, it can help us expand our vocabulary. And increase our ability to talk and communicate with other people.

  • Increase self-confidence.

    Some games will teach us how to manage character and behavior. In games they help us make empires or lead our people to victory. This will give us confidence outside of cyberspace.

  • This can help us to become better citizens of our country.

    People always get addicted to alcohol, smoking or sometimes worse, drugs. computer games can help you distract yourself from this type of fatal stress. And because it gives your body time to heal, or relax and become calmer.

  • Being a gamer can also be a career.

    In contrast to the old bad reputation of computer games which have always been associated is a waste of our money. The eSports community has opened many doors and created opportunities for gamers around the world. we can be professional gamers, eSports article writers, game casters or even team coaches. It is not all about money, it is about people showing their passion and love for what they have been doing alongside gamers as a profession.

  • We develop our capacity to show sportsmanship.

    Games can help you accept your losses, and be humble with your victories. Games can show that winning isn’t everything. And sometimes defeat can be the best way to achieve victory.

Balance is key

Despite the many positive points of the above games, it is also true that there are many drawbacks and criticisms when it comes to playing video games. Some of these are: Addictive, being too violent, creating health problems like (insomnia, carpal tunnel syndrome and many more), making you less productive, and wasting time, and causing you to become a more introverted and more private person according to studies . But, if you look at the bright side of the picture. The advantages of the game can definitely outweigh the disadvantages if you do it within reasonable limits, so it is not strange that our parents are often angry if we forget the time to play and will never listen to any of our reasons even though we can say that we excel in it. certain games. Therefore, in the end, it all depends on how we can control ourselves. It’s like a matter of having yin and yang to strike a balance in everything you do.

One day you have to reduce or even stop

However, the day that we fear will surely come. One day, we will not be gamers anymore because of our priorities and responsibilities in life. One day, we can’t go back to the same internet cafe / inetcafe where all our childhood memories were created, one day we need to slow things down for a while. But one thing is for sure, after we remember from all our hardships, good memories and our adventures as gamers, we will definitely smile and say “Being a gamer is something that is worth it”.

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