Is Laura the FF Character Suitable for Noob Free Fire?

There are many characters that you can use in Free Fire, because this is one of the features they have. In addition to the various characters, you can also use many types of weapons, each of which has different characteristics. Many players play this game, because they are really interested in the Battle Royal game. Here we will discuss about the FF Laura Character Suitable for Noob Free Fire.

There are many Free Fire characters that you can use, and each character has different skills. You can take advantage of the skills they have while playing, so you can attack enemies more easily. However, there are also those who have more supportive skills, so you can make better strategies. Here, there is one character who has a skill that is suitable for you new players or not familiar with shooting games.

Laura is a character that is suitable for you, who want to improve your skills or really want to get used to the Battle Royal shooting game. Laura has a skill that can increase accuracy, if she uses a scope. This allows you to shoot even more precisely. In addition, there are also many weapons that can be used, which are suitable for use at medium or long distances.

Laura is a suitable character for noob, because she has easy-to-use skills. Here’s why, you can see below:

  1. Strong buff
  2. Many weapons use scopes
  3. Suitable at any distance
  4. Shoot more precisely

This has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. Maybe because of this Laura became easy to use.

Here we will provide info about Laura, a suitable character for Free Fire noobs. This character has strong skills for you to use, and is suitable for those of you who are just playing. Besides that, the additional accuracy in Laura’s skill is also high enough for you to use it too.

Laura Is The Right Character For Noob?

Laura A Character Suitable For Free Fire Beginners

The following are the reasons why Laura, which is an FF character, is suitable for a noob in free fire:


Laura’s accuracy enhancement buff is high enough for you to use. With his skills, you can shoot enemies more easily, and can shoot more precisely. You could say that Laura’s skill on this one is strong enough to use.


Many weapons have scope, making Laura’s skills even more useful. You can use a Sniper or Assault Rifle, for maximum results. You can also use SMG which can use Scope, if you think that weapon is better.


Usually the weapon Laura used, suitable for any distance. to shoot enemies from a distance, you can shoot them using a scope with added accuracy. Meanwhile, if you shoot the enemy from close up, you don’t need to use a scope, and rely on Aim-Assist from the game.


With additional scope and accuracy, you can shoot more precisely. Maybe by that, you can shoot enemies from a distance more easily. You can use the Assault Rifle, because usually AR weapons can shoot enemies from various distances.

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That’s Laura, a character suitable for Noob Free Fire that you can try. This one character is very strong for you to use. In addition, there are also many weapons that use Scope, so you won’t waste Laura’s skills. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!