Isfan Finally Reveals Bigetron RA’s Fifth Player!

The puzzle surrounding the fifth Bigetron Red Aliens player has finally been clearly revealed by Isfan on his Twitter account. Finally, Isfan revealed that Bigetron RA players matched clue given by Luxxy.

Previously, several names such as uHigh and Korpaii were rumored to immediately join the Red Aliens. But at one live Instagram conducted by Luxxy states that the fifth player has characteristics. Even Luxxy has given the initials S as the player’s first name from the Red Aliens.

However, in one of his tweets on Twitter, Isfan revealed that clue which is given by Luxxy must be scrutinized thoroughly so that there is no misunderstanding.

In his tweet, Isfan also explained that clue given may refer to some players like Okky who even came from Surabaya clue it could also lead to Svafvel because of his wide stature.

Coach Sinyo Fifth Player Bigetron RA

Bigetron's fifth player
Source: Instagram @bigetronesports

But finally Isfan revealed that the Red Aliens player was the coach of Sinyo himself. Isfan also deeply regrets that the public has made too many false assumptions regarding the figure of the Bigetron RA player, so that there are many unnecessary misconceptions according to him.

“Bigetron’s fifth player is coach S1NYO. why do people still denial hear that huh, “ wrote Isfan in his Twitter account.

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With the revealed figure of coach Sinyo behind the five Red Aliens players, of course it is really interesting for us to wait for what kind of strategy Bigetron RA will implement in the upcoming PMPL Season 3?

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Editor: Yubian Asfar