It is rumored that PaiN Gaming likes the exploitation of its players, is it true?

One of the unpleasant news came to a team from Latin America, namely paiN Gaming. The esports team, which has become a role model for the esports realm in the region, received a bad issue from an esports website.

This was raised after an issue that surfaced on the Esportsheaven page saying that paiN was a “strange” and “unethical” organization in organizing its players.

Vici Gaming coach, ROtK involved in racial tweets to the Philippine team!

In order to make it easier to understand RevivalTV shares some important points that were conveyed to the Gaming side of the page, including:

  • PaiN Gaming pays its team a range of US $ 250 to US $ 300 per month and pays buyout-clause 200 times more than that salary
  • Deduction or deduction of prizes for team deposits by 50%
  • Some players have no contracts and play as free status
PaiN Gaming Roster for the 2018-2019 DPC season. Source: Wykrhm
  • The organization keeps track of the players’ every move
  • PaiN Gaming is still withholding payments from event previous
  • Several players were invited to the team as trials, but were kicked out after they successfully qualified for the main event.

Strangely, the information above is deemed not sourced and has no strength in fact. Without further ado, paiN Gaming responded to the article via its official Twitter page.

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In his writing, paiN Gaming expressed the words “there are several ways to dismiss the unrealistic accusations against us.” On the other hand, several paiN Gaming players also silenced the statement.

Among other things, former players Dota 2 paiN Gaming, Danilo “Arms” Silva and former paiNM coach Thiago “Djoko” Maia participated in the defense.

Even so, there is no reason for you to understand the news that is not clear where the origin is. Therefore, it would be better not to make conclusions too quickly.

Apart from that the players Dota 2 paiN Gaming has yet to provide an official statement. There is no certainty even though one player paiN, Duster decided to leave after playing at TI8.

recap ti8 the fourth day
Hfn paiN Gaming in the TI8 group stage. Source: paiN Gaming Twitter

From the point of view as a writer, I hope Esportsheaven is still on track and holding on to the hope of journalism by upholding the facts on the ground. Because nothing good is gained from “fishing in murky waters.”

Let’s wait for further confirmation from paiN Gaming and the future of Esportsheaven. Will this reap the facts or does Esportsheaven have the supporting data?