It is unlikely that Dendi will stay on Na’Vi

Natus Vincere has been having serious problems lately. After a series of tournaments with zero achievements, Natus Vincere also failed to participate in The International 8 event again.

The team was beaten by Team Espada and also the mediocre team, imagine hehe in the second qualifier. This embarrassing result for a team like Na’Vi is certainly a disgrace and a scourge in itself.

Coupled with Dendi’s long remarks about Na’Vi’s condition, his tilt issues and internal problems rooster. But the shocking news came from the CEO of Natus Vincere, Yevhen Zolotarov today (28/06/2018).

Yevhen “HarisPilton” Zolotarov, CEO of Natus Vincere

Reporting from an interview session with, Yevhen provided some of the latest information about the decision from the Natus Vincere team management. Then RevivalTV translated some of the important points conveyed by the CEO.

Regarding the Qualification Results of The International 8

Roster Na’Vi. Source: tiltreport

“A failure (qualifying results for The International 8). Unexpected failure by both the team and the player. If we talk about the first qualifier, (we) lost deeply draft with Team Espada.

Apart from that, they did play quite well. They proved it when they qualified in the main qualifying round. And defeat against the team ALOHADANCE (imagine hehe) is a very annoying thing.

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I mean, the players imagine hehe play in situations with no room for error, so both their choices and their execution are dire indeed. There is a lack of confidence from us.

We replace drafter us and Vlad (Crystallize) who did so in the second TI8 qualifier. And when you change something, it shows that you feel less confident. “

Regarding the possibility of Dendi in the Latest Roster Arrangement

Danil “Dendi” Ishutin. Source: Dota 2

“Everyone has read Danya’s (Dendi) statement and can read the implied message that it is unlikely that Dendi (Danil Ishutin) will remain (in Na’Vi).

Not only because it was a decision management made, but also a decision Dendi made as well. Sometimes we all need reboot.

For example, our experience with Zeus (Danylo Teslenko), played for Gambit Esports and returned at a later date to Natus Vincere. “

Regarding Media Functions and Presence

“The balance of the news is always important. If we talk about the existence and function of the media it really depends on the end result.

So the results are always present first (at headlines news). You can track it when you see it from the news roster Dota 2 courtesy of

With the exception of Solo (Alexey Berezin), their players are not very good as media figures. They have little subscribers and very rarely mentioned in some news media.

Alexey “Solo” Berezin. Source: RU.HUB

Now you can judge well No.[o]ne (Vladmir Minenko) and RAMZES666 (Roman Kushnarev) had a lesser role. While RodjER (Nikogosyan) and 9pasha (Khvastunov) has more influence in the media. “

This news is certainly a surprise, especially for Dendi lovers. The player who has become a separate icon for Na’Vi has apparently not escaped the changing radar rooster from the management.

Source: Dendi Twitter

But there is still a chance for Dendi to stay in the Natus Vincere team even though he has a small possibility.

This decision also came from the team’s performance that was less than standard as a former champion of The International.

Source: ESL

But this is just a plan or opinion while the CEO is also Na’Vi’s management. Let’s just wait for a concrete decision from the Natus Vincere team regarding the star’s future Dota 2 the.