Item Build Hero AoV Yorn Critical, Big Damage And Anti Tank

Yorn is mm in the same AoV as Valhein, has a bad reputation. This hero is actually not bad and quite often picked up in high rank and even pro match. The negative side of this hero is that even though he has very high damage, Yorn does not have the escape skill and is vulnerable to gangs.

Yorn who has this very strong passive is the source of his damage. Yorn’s passive will fire every time he uses a skill or on the fourth hit. His passive will give a very fast attack and what makes him strong, the effect of this attack will attack the% HP of the enemy as pure damage.

Yorn who has strong damage is also very suitable to use critical builds because Yorn’s passive can fire a lot of critical quickly and effectively.

If you are curious about this build you can keep reading down.

Item Build Hero AoV Yorn Critical


War Boots will be suitable for Yorn because he will need ASPD to continue to activate his passive. Although most of you will use skills to activate passively, Yorn’s basic attack can also be used and is quite effective. War Boots in the early game will give him a high ASPD.


Yorn’s passive attack which gives a very fast attack can activate item effects such as crit, not to mention the effect of Fafnir’s% HP attack. Fanir Talon has an effect that stacks Yorn’s passive, either from a high ASPD or% of his HP. Fafnir also gave Yorn sufficient lifesteal. This weapon will kill tanks quickly because% of HP is very sick even in the late game.


Clave is Yorn’s first crit item, assisted by the arcana crit damage Yorn will deal high critical damage and will often come out of her passive. Clave Sancti will certainly get stronger in the late game because the crit effect will follow the damage from scaling and other damage items.


You will also buy Slikk for crit chance boost items. Providing high ASPD and crit chance, Slikk also provides high resistance so that Yorn is stronger against CC in battle.


Yorn’s penultimate item slot is actually quite flexible. Yorn can buy Muramasa to increase his crit damage, making him even more effective against tankers. Yorn can also buy Bow of Slaughter to increase crit chance and lifesteal which is very high, making it more durable in battle.


It’s quite flexible too because this item can be replaced with a Curse of Death or Death Sickle. Depending on Yorn’s needs, he is a hero whose build is quite flexible.

That’s the AoV Yorn Critical Hero Build Item that you can use to get massive damage. You use the best build in the arena of valor to win the match.


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