Item DPS Area Mobile Legends Cursed Helmet

Item Defense Diverse and many uses in Mobile Legends. Some can increase your Defense, and some can give you an advantage in attacking enemies or inflicting damage on enemies. You can use this item, according to the hero you are using too. By using this item, you can not only defend against enemies, you can also deal additional damage as well. Here we will discuss the items in Mobile Legends, and the heroes who use them.

As you know, there are a lot of items in Mobile Legends, and they have different stats. To make the Hero you use strong, you don’t only need Level, but also Gold and build items. A good build item, can help you in attacking enemies or defending from enemy attacks. Therefore, you must use items that match the Hero you are using.

One of these items is very strong for tanks and fighters, who play at close range. This item can make you not only able to withstand enemy attacks, but thanks to the passive it has, you can inflict damage on enemies around you. So, this item is not only suitable for Hero Tanks, but can also be used for Fighter heroes.

Here we will discuss the DPS Item Area Mobile Legends Cursed Helmet, and the heroes that are suitable for using it. This item is one of the items that are widely used by heroes, who can approach enemies easily or usually Offlaner heroes. The damage it deals is quite high too.

Item DPS Area Mobile Legends Cursed Helmet

+920 HP
+50 Magic RES
Passive Ability – Burning Soul
Deals Magic Damage every second to enemies around your Hero as much as 1.5% of their maximum HP, and this damage is 50% greater for Minions.

This item can make you defend against Magical heroes, because it has a high enough Magic RES. This can make you withstand magical attacks well. However, what makes this item used, from its Passive effect. You can use the passive effect to attack enemies or clear lanes easily.


The following are heroes that you can try by purchasing the Cursed Helmet item. Some of these heroes can use the Cursed Helmet item, and become stronger using this item:


Tigreal is very easy to approach enemies and do Lockdown with his skills. By using Tigreal, you can use the Cursed Helmet Item. With this item, you can provide additional damage when you block enemy attacks.


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Freya can become a Durable Fighter if you use the Cursed Helmet item. By approaching the enemy and using this item. You can deal high enough damage to the enemy. Being a Durable Fighter is also a great choice for Freya, if your team is short on tanks or defenses.


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Franco is one of the tanks with the best hook and lockdown skills. You can stun 1 target for a long time. During the Stun, you can inflict high damage using this Cursed Helmet item.

That’s info about the DPS Item Area Mobile Legends Cursed Helmet, and the Hero who uses it. This item is perfect for Tanks or Durable Fighter, which can approach enemies easily. The DPS it provides is also quite large, with a fairly large area.

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