IYD Was Once Offered 500 Million Rupiah To Do “322”

Muhammad “inYourdreaM“Rizky is one of the best talents Indonesia has. His achievements are certainly not only in Indonesia, where he won a minor tournament, namely DreamLeague Season 10 when he was still in minor uniform.

In addition, IYD has also become a top leaderboard subscription in Southeast Asia and one of them is that IYD has successfully entered the ranks of Dota 2 players who won 10 thousand MMR, the same as Mikoto the midlaner from BOOM Esports.

IYD has also often played for esports organizations outside Indonesia, from Fnatic, Tigers to the latest being the midlaner player T1 which is the leading esports organization from South Korea.

Source: Instagram InYourdreaM

But did you know Revival’s friend, that IYD was apparently offered 500 million rupiah to do “322” by losing one game? This information was obtained when IYD was a guest star on the RevivalTV program entitled Planet Esports.

“Back then I got a lot of bids for” 322 “during the match. And the biggest offer ever given to me personally is approximately 500 million rupiah for deliberately losing one game. ” IYD explained.

Of course IYD as a player with high integrity, IYD has never done a case 322 which proves the honesty of IYD. Because if he tripped over 322, IYD’s career in Dota 2 could end immediately because his name was tarnished.

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InYourdream T1
Source: ONE Esports

For Revival friends who don’t know 322, this number is a term in Dota 2 that indicates a match fixing (match fixing). An example is intentionally to throwing in the match until you lose.

As our proud Dota 2 player, IYD’s attitude is worthy of being emulated by anyone. What do you think, friends RevivalTV?