Japan Issues Pro Player License Starting 2018?

The Pro Player license is one of the most important things in sport. In traditional sports, a license is usually issued to support the career of the player. Not only players, soccer and basketball coaches also have their own license to lead their children.

How is esports? Is license already a mandatory item for esports as one of the things that supports his pro player status?

Esports is in the process of being recognized for its position. Even in some countries, esports is not a big thing when in other countries esports is so supported by the government. Please appeal between Japan and China. Japan seems less concerned with esports although of course there are many young people in Japan who want to become esports athletes. Meanwhile, China, this country pays great attention to esports athletes in the country. This is also what makes China dominate a lot of game “land” in esports.

Investigate, in Japan it turns out that restrictions in games as well as esports. The problem of gambling that becomes a problem, because it is related to the law. And in the next year, efforts to break down these boundaries will come through several games. Later the games listed below will provide licenses for pro players so that later they can compete.

The game play is:

  • Winning Eleven 2018
  • Street Fighter V
  • Tekken 7
  • Puzzles & Dragons
  • Monster Strike

So, it is not the government that comes down to directly issuing licenses for pro players, but the games that are played. This is natural, of course, considering that from Japan itself there are so many game developers whose games are alive enough to become competitive esports games outside their country.

Winning Eleven, developed by Konami. One of the best soccer games that have been around for more than 10 years which is the Pro Evelution Soccer version specifically for Japan. Street Fighter 7 was developed by Capcom, which has become one of the game giants since approximately 38 years ago.

Tekken 7 is clearly one of the most interesting considering that Bandai, who developed this game, is clearly given more attention because Bandai has been in the gaming industry since 1995. At the same time, the other two games are mobile games which were also developed by Japanese developers.

With this, of course, making some people who are involved in the Japanese game industry or more specifically esports players in Japan hope that Japan will become one of the powerhouses of esports.