Jawhead Mobile Legends Tips & Tricks from LJ Aerowolf Roxy

Mobile Legends which is being played in Indonesia, has also become a phenomenon in the development of MOBA games on devices mobile. Played by various groups, of course there are some players who are just learning or even playing games with the MOBA genre for the first time.

Hero Mobile Legends Most Often Picked and Ban on Competitive META

Then, RevivalTV is back here to save your stars in rank mode Mobile Legend which is starting to run out due to the rise of AFK players (Away From Keyboard), wow. This time LJ or players with full names Joshua Darmansyah will give a few tips and tricks to play Jawhead Mobile Legends.

LJ (second from left) was the runner-up in the BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 event. Source: Aerowolf Instagram

Jawhead Mobile Legends himself is a hero that is often used by LJ in navigating the competitive realm Mobile Legends in Indonesia.

After many questions regarding the keys to using Jawhead, LJ through RevivalTV comes up with tips and tricks that have the latest META, without further ado, let’s take a look at the article:

Jawhead – Mobile Legends

Jawhead Wallpaper. Source: Mobile Legends

“Hello, I am LJ or commonly called Joshua, this time I will sharing a little about tips and tricks for using Jawhead. ” Said the Aerowolf Roxy player.

Jawhead is a hero Mobile Legends who uses the face of a child with the robot he uses. With a funny stature, it turns out that appearance is inversely proportional to his ability in the game ML the.

LJ at MPL Season 1. Source: Mobile Legends Facebook

Mecha Surpression which has the stack every time it is used, it functions to add basic attack a maximum of 10 the stack. Plus Smart Missile (skill 1) for DPS and Ejector (skill 2) which is able to throw the enemy where it wants to.

Other than that, Unstoppable Force (ultimate skill) able to provide burst damage the big one by adding damage and movement speed to the target. Of course the classic combo ‘churning‘is the key to victory for this hero.

Tips & Tricks Using Jawhead:

  • Active Roaming, with skill set The ejector is able to form the momentum of victory by gaining kill for the sake of kill.
  • Active Initiation, Use ultimate skill to more heroes squishy in order to win on team fight.
  • Maximize Stack, use it often skill and hit the hero to get the stack Mecha Supression.
  • Take Down Mid, the main key is to do Ejector with 2 of your friends, secure it first blood first.

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  • Aggressive Early Game, effect shape snowball in order to secure victory with pick up kill.
  • Stay away from Clash Alone, roaming Of course, with various considerations, one of them is reading the situation folder.
  • Understand the Enemy, Use burst damage Jawhead to defeat enemy heroes who are quite soft.

Jawhead’s Strengths:

  • It’s easy to beat heroes who have a little HP.
  • Be able to defeat enemies with burst damage the big one.
  • Has great armor and defense.
  • The ejector is very effective for early to late game.
  • Strong fight 1 on 1 in late game.
jawhead mobile legends
Jawhead Wallpaper. Source: Mobile Legends

Jawhead’s Weaknesses:

  • Easy to beat by heroes burst damage
  • Which one is extravagant at the beginning of the game
  • Easy to beat the Mage hero
  • Cannot beat the Tank hero in late game
  • Weak in magic damage
  • Depends heavily on skill set

Item Guide Jawhead version of LJ:

LJ at MPL Season 1. Source: Mobile Legends Stream

LJ explained a little about the maximum potential for this hero. “META Jawhead is now stable too, yes, it is morebuff yeah, no skill more to build item and for the status does not exist buff, more of a utility item-his.

Item My Jawhead is more of a semi-tank, whereas in the past he used the emblem build Fighter is that. Build now again META uses Assassin and Assassin emblems, besides the fast road, it can throw enemies, and give burst damage.

LJ (second from right) won the MPL Season 1. Source: Mobile Legends Stream

Build item which I recommend:

  • Wizard Boots
  • Bloodlust Ax
  • Endless Battle
  • Blade of Despair
  • Windtalker
  • Rose Gold Meteor

The META is like that, because Jawhead uses it skill 2 adds around 300-600 armor, and with build Assassin cooldownits fairly short huh.

Progress items before Bloodlust Ax can buy Magic Necklace for mana regen, so don’t be busy going back and forth to base for the contents of Mana.

Jawhead’s blood is also not thin and there item which adds armor too movement speed. Recommendation buildAssassin is still really good for META now. “

Jawhead Skill Guide:

Jawhead Wallpaper. Source: Mobile Legends

“Jawhead took it early skill 2, continue to invite 2 of your friends to go to Mid and take the hero. First Blood with skill and this hero is fairly easy, the percentage is in the range of 70% that will definitely die.

Ultimate skill to the flabby enemy, pick up and throw at the enemy. Burst Damage the big one with the Assassin build. Avoid 1v1 against Mages like Kagura, also a Tank hero like Akai and Hylos in late game.

Because of that Kagura skilleveryone escape and high mobility. It will be difficult for Jawhead to beat Kagura without the help of friends. “

Jawhead Mobile Legends is also the choice of many parties, apart from because burst damage a great utility also useful for team fight. LJ also gave some suggestions for those of you who want to push rank.

Jawhead Devianart

“For those of you who want push rank Keep spirit! Indeed, we usually have friends who don’t meet expectations, like fighting over heroes, sulking buff taken and AFK player.

My advice is to invite friends if there are not 3 or 5. but if forced solo player yeah okay, just pray, wow. ” Close LJ.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will be of use to you, even though talent and experience are the main factors for your success. But with this article you still are stuck on Epic, Mimin doesn’t know what tips to give you, wow.