Jeixy Joins Aura Esports! Will Bubuu Follow?

Many netizens have guessed Jeixy’s move to Aura Esports. However, even though previously it was just a rumor, it is currently happening. Through the official Aura Esports Instagram account yesterday, Jeixy was officially introduced by the PUBG Mobile Aura Esports team. This news certainly caused a lot of reactions and opinions from netizens and even fellow professional players.

Some of those who commented on Jeixy’s introductory post as Aura Esports’ newest roster, including the figures of Ryzen and Jayden.

Finally friends can live,“Ryzen wrote in the comments column. “Welkam the deck,” added Jayden.

Jeixy Had Serious Problems Join

Previously joining Aura Esports, Jeixy had reportedly experienced a few problems with the previous team. So there are many rumors circulating that Jeixy will not appear in PMPL Season 3.

However, with his appearance now with Aura Esports, Jeixy has ensured that he is ready to compete in the highest arena of PUBG Mobile Indonesia.
Source: Morph Team

In the video footage of his introduction, Jeixy also revealed that his achievements so far are still lacking. Jeixy revealed that he had a goal to become world champion someday with his team.

Of course, this wish has a great possibility to come true because with his current team Jeixy will certainly get a more solid squad composition.

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The composition of the PUBG Mobile Aura Esports team at this time can be said to be very frightening because even though they were abandoned by figures like Roses and Steve, there are still Jayden and Keshi in this team.

Especially with the arrival of Jeixy in Aura Esports this time, the team is predicted to be solid because of an experienced figure like Jeixy.

The Emergence of Bubuu’s Rumors Is the Next Roster

Jeixy Aura Esports
Source: Instagram @aura_jeixyje

Rumors are circulating in the public that the next figure who will complete the PUBGM Aura Esports roster is Bubuu. This netizen’s opinion is getting stronger especially after seeing an Instagram post that shows the closeness of the Aura Esports team in a place.

Many netizens think that one of the players in the photo is Bubuu. Even though his face is indeed covered by a mask so that it is not clearly visible, the presence of this photo adds to the belief of netizens or fans that this figure is indeed Bubuu.

But whoever that figure seems we have to wait for the official announcement from Aura Esports later. It’s just that if it is true that this figure is Bubuu, then the esports public can already think what the strength of the Aura Esports team will be in PMPL Indonesia Season 3 later?

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Editor: Yubian Asfar