JerAx Launches Private Brand. Selling clothes, bro! – RevivaLTV

JeraAx seems to have started thinking about the future if one day it stops being a DOTA 2 pro player. He who has a personal website, namely, actually includes a shopping feature. Not ordinary shopping, because JerAx launched its personal brand there.

Indeed, it still looks simple with only 2 items to sell, namely a hoodie and a t-shirt with a picture and name of him. It looks more like he is selling merchandise himself. However, with his name on it there seems to be an indication that he will launch a personal brand.

The price he offers is also still reasonable at € 24.19 or around Rp. 400 thousand for a hoodie. As for the t-shirts, JerAx sells them at a price of € 16.13 or around Rp. 270 thousand.

Previously, JerAx set a price that was higher than the current price, where a hoodie sold for € 30 and a shirt for € 20.

jerax brand

JerAx claims that this hoodie from him can make friends jealous.

“Heavy Blend hoodie made from high quality materials. Perfect for everyday use or chillier evenings. Also has an effect that makes your friend jealous. “

Then what about the t-shirt from him? He is sure that the t-shirt wearer’s friends will be wondering who JerAx is.

“Represent JerAx with this one of a kind t-shirt. Guaranteed questions from your friends who don’t know who Jesse is, but thats not important, the most important part is that YOU know and YOU support your favorite player. “

For comparison. retail price for a t-shirt from Evil Geniuses with the “2EZ4RTZ” design retails for $ 24 at designbyhumans. The Team Liquid t-shirt sold at Jinx is priced at $ 22.73. At € 16.13, that means the JerAx shirt equals $ 19.77.

How? Interested in buying? Or do you have any comments about the design? Let’s chat in the comments!