Jesiz Expresses His Wish To Return To Play With Forg1ven

During the Spring Split, the Misfits were one of the teams that got the spotlight from the public. The reason is, the Misfits, which had shocked the public through their recruits in the Off-Season, failed to answer expectations.

Roster Misfits consisting of sOAZ, Maxlore, Febiven, Hans Sama, and Gorilla failed to get good results during the Spring Split. Moose, who had left the coaching position, decided to return. Jesiz himself was displaced and moved his position as a Player Development coach. The return of the Moose failed to save the Misfits and the Misfits had to end the Spring Split in eighth place.

Seeing that his future with the Misfits looked less than convincing, Jesiz thought about his future. Forg1ven’s return to the competitive scene was seen as the solution he was looking for and today Jesiz made the announcement.

Jesiz announces that he is now a Free Agent with the return of Forg1ven. He opened to the offer to play with a note that he played with Forg1ven. If he can’t play with Forg1ven, then Jesiz will stay at the Misfits and commit to continuing his current career as a coach.

Forg1ven himself did not say anything about this. He seemed to only retweet Jesiz’s tweet.

Previously, Jesiz had played with Forg1ven when both of them defended Origen at the European Masters Spring 2018. In that tournament, Origen dominated and became the champion after defeating Illuminar Gaming 3-0 in the Final round.