Joining Keen Gaming, Mushi Decides to Fill in the Support Position!

The news broke up GeekFam seems like it really happened. After Xepher decided to come out as well NothingToSay and Velo have joined together Alpha X Hashtag, this time it’s Chai “Mushi“Yee Fung took turns going and joining Keen Gaming.

Announced through the official Weibo account of this Chinese team, Mushi will return to playing in a team with the most populous country in the world after in-depth negotiations.

mushi Keen Gaming
Source: Weibo

Join inside Keen GamingThis will be Mushi’s 13th team in his 11-year professional career in gaming Dota 2 which he had started by joining together Orange Esports in 2011 ago.

Mushi later also not going to play as a person midlaner which is his best position but will play as support 5 which he had also done while in the shade GeekFam.

The news of joining in Mushi into the Keen Gaming this actually raises a new question. The reason is, the team that managed to finish in the top 16 of TI9 already has one support 5 sevelum namely Song “dark“Runxi.

Even so, of course with the entry Mushi be a new part of Keen GamingThis will be the fourth time the 28-year-old will play for the Chinese team.

mushi Keen Gaming
Mushi when he started his career with the Orange Esports team. Source: Gosugamers

Officially joining, here is the temporary composition of the team Keen Gaming to face the DPC season 2019/2020:

  • Wang “old chicken“Zhiyong (Carry)
  • Zhai “J Framed (Midlaner)
  • Ren “eLeVeNYangwei (Offlaner)
  • Hu “Kaka“Liangzhi (Support)
  • Chai “MushiYee Fung (Support)
  • Song “dark“Runxi (Support, Captain)

As the third move during 2019, do you think Revival’s performance Mushi it will be better than the previous team when it officially joins Keen Gaming?