Just got a big buff, Butterfly is Nerfed!

Arena Of Valor just entered the newest patch in November. There are many patches this time hero who get buff significantly. Even hero affected buff like Astrid and Butterfly are often the top picks at ranked match.

However after entering patch latest, Community AoV reported that some happened bugs. After going through the checking stage of Garena AoV immediately issued Hot Patch Fix. Not only bugs it turns out there is hero who was instantly nerfed! Here is some important information about patch the latest AoV

Source: Screnshot In Game

There are some bugs that’s been overcome like a translation from AoV World. AoV World is a feature where we can find out lore as well as the story line from AoV. This feature is experiencing bugs ie it still looks like the language of the program. But now you can enjoy this feature with English translation.

There are also bugs which is being checked like Veres who can immediately come back to life without even using runes Endless Cycle. The rest of Garena is also checking bugs display that does not appear.

Source: Samurai Gamers

Butterfly represents hero who get buff very large. But Butterfly has to earn nerf immediately because it exceeded expectations. Butterfly get nerf from ultimate skill namely the lunge effect that engages true damage eliminated and also eliminates the reduction effect movement speed on the opponent.

Source: GGWP.ID

Apart from Butterfly, Zip was also hit nerf that is, when it expands damage reduction will be eliminated.

Now that’s a few changes on patch the latest AoV. What do friends think about Revival patch the latest AoV?