[Kaleidoskop 2019] 5 Shocking Moments on the Southeast Asia Dota 2 Scene | Page 2 of 2

3. TNC Predator Champion ESL One Hamburg 2019

Source: ESL

After The International 2019, TNC Predator changed rooster they are eyyou and Nail went from TNC Predator, plus they also lost their coach that is Heen.

TNC Predator immediately brought in kpii and March. With the presence of these 2 players, they made history as the first team from Southeast Asia to win ESL One for the first time, namely at ESL One Hamburg 2019.

2. The International 9’s Audience Scorn on Nails

Source: Special

During the round main event The International 9, the teams that participated in TI9 were summoned one by one, and when TNC Predator was called by the audience at venue TI9 immediately became boisterous.

When the camera highlights Nail, the audience immediately shouted at him, this happened because Kuku had committed acts of racism that offended the Chinese community Dota 2.

1. GG Call Dreamocel Moments in Bucharest Minor

This moment is perhaps the most surprising especially for lovers Dota 2 in Indonesia. How could I not, at that time one of the BOOM ID players (now BOOM Esports), namely Dreamocel type gg when creep BOOM Esports’ almost devastating Ancient enemy.

This happened when BOOM Esports fought a team built by EternaLEnVy namely TEAM TEAM in Bucharest Minor 2019.

Those are the five surprising moments from the Southeast Asian team in 2019. According to Revival, which moment is the most memorable?