[Kaleidoskop 2019] 5 Shocking Moments on the Southeast Asia Dota 2 Scene

2019 will end soon, and of course we expect a lot of interesting things on the scene Dota 2, especially for the Southeast Asia region in 2020 to come.

Through this article, RevivalTV will bring Revival friends to remember the surprising moments throughout 2019 carried out by teams from Southeast Asia. Just listen right away!

5. A hurricane destroys Cignal Ultra’s dream

Image results for Cignal Ultra vs TNC Predator Game 3
Source: Beyond The Summit

Cignal Ultra must fight TNC Predator in order to compete for the last 1 ticket of the closed Southeast Asian qualifiers to make their way to DreamLeague Season 13.

At that time the score lasted 1-1 and entered the third game, the deciding game. Unfortunately all over rooster from Cignal Ultra must disconnected due to hurricane disaster. TNC Predator has already done that pause for 25 minutes to maintain sportsmanship, but the admin allows TNC Predator to continue the game.

March then apologized to Cignal Ultra because they had to lose their chance to compete in the major because of this problem.

4. vtFaded and Xiao8 conflicts

vtFaded vs Xiao8
Source: AFK Gaming

EHOME’s unsatisfactory results have so far made their trainer, that is Xiao8 who also won The International in 2014 blamed their players.

Xiao8 blames 897 (mid lane) and vtFaded (carry) in public by saying the two have no potential.

VtFaded was annoyed and poured it out on his Facebook, where he said what Xiao8 was doing was not good and damaged his confidence. After the conflict between vtFaded and Xiao8 occurred, it was not long before vtFaded was loaned to Alpha x Hashtag (had disband).

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